Well it's day 2 of my second month here at PSO. Since I joined on January 11th there have been over 5000 new members. 

During my first month here I managed to play 38 PSO Skill tourneys and finish out the month with a rank of 484 and a score of 1779.93. I also managed to earn my 20 VPP's so that I was an active player for February.

Well so far February has been not so nice. It happens, can't blame anyone but myself, and hey it's still early in the month, 26 days to go to get my act together and buckle down. Just need a few more VPP's to be active for March. I just have to maintain the attitude that everything is a learning experience and learn how to adapt to the environment that is being presented. 

Patience is a virtue and when all else fails sledgehammers work!!!