Happy new year all! It seems as though the past year has gone by in a flash and it was only yesterday I was setting my goals for the year. Well I think it's safe to say it's not been the most successful year and December was no different.

So many plans made and ambitions high and then life gets in the way. I honestly don't know why I make plans as I never seem to stick to them. I basically had two things to do this month; firstly play enough cash hands to get to 4k VPPs for the year. Well I played a total of 5.6k hands and whilst doing that I lost quite a lot of money somehow. Nowehere near enough volume for even one week nevermind four. The second thing I wanted to do was crush the PSO league so I could win the yearly leaderboard. Well that didn't happen. I did play a lot of games.. or at least I registered for a lot of them. I have little memory of some becasue I was so tired or fell asleep or even missed some completely. Others I just didn't play all that well or got coolered and in typical Fadyen style I bubbled a lot! It was fun when I was awake though and I always love the challenge of playing with all my PSO buddies and it was well done to those that finished above me this year. And not to make excuses but off the tables I had a lot going on. Some of it good, enjoying the holidays with friends, some not so good as sadly my aunt passed just a few days before Christmas. But really in the end all of that just brings some perspective, in as much as I love poker and want to play a lot and do well there are more important things.

So lets just get the numbers out of the way shall we?


Starting Bankroll (Dec 1st): $795.73

Current Bankroll (Dec 31st): $741.05

VPPs Earned: 184.9


So over the year did I achieve any of my goals? That is the question. And the answer is.. erm, kind of? I had quite a few goals and many of them were kind of based around my moving up the stakes. The idea was to be within sight of moving up to 25NL but right now 10NL doesn't even look likely. I think it was certainly possible but I just didn't give this goal enough focus. I also wanted to be at a higher VIP status but this was partly based on playing higher stakes. Other than that I feel I done pretty well. My mental game has come on a lot! I have more focus when I'm multi-tabling and I tend not to tilt and my whole outlook on poker and life in general is way more positive. So even though I've not achieved the results I wanted and don't have much to show for the year I feel like I've learned a lot and come quite a way which really was my main objective.

So where from here?

Well I never follow plans or stick to schedules so at least for the short term my only goals are more volume, more learning, more fun! Hopefully I can't go far wrong with that.