Novemeber was a month of mostly MTTs and some serious lessons in variance. We all know that if you grind MTTs you're going to bust time and time again before you get any kind of deep run or decent cash. But actually experiencing it is a different matter.


The plan was basically to register the first five or so events of Micro Millions and if I had a couple of cashes or one deep run I'd play a pretty packed schedule. The idea behind it to perhpas be one of the top 100 on the series leaderboard and win myself a Sunday Million ticket. A pretty tough thing to do perhaps but somebody has to win them. Well it didn't quite go to plan, three events in and I'd started them all really well, playing like a boss, but the bustouts were brutal and I decided I'd rather go to the pub. After that I only played tourneys I thought looked fun and that fit into my schedule. A lot of the time I was doing much the same as in the first three, great start but cooler bustout but some tourneys went better, the progressive super-knockouts being my forte. In the end I cashed eleven of the thirty I played and despite only one semi-deep run (164th out of almost 22k runners) that was good for 889th on the series leaderboard. Kind of wish I'd played more events now because who knows where I might have ended up.

For an overview which tourneys I played and where I placed in them see my forum thread here.

While Micro Millions was going on we also had the PSO monthly series which for a few of us near the top of the yearly leaderboard was a very important one. There are perhaps three or four in with a shout of winning the yearly and it's too close to call even still. So while I had a fair number of cashes this series the games I bubbled or missed all together cost dearly. I ended the series in 3rd place but that was not quite good enough to stop me from dropping down a spot into 3rd on the yearly.

The plan after all that was to grind some cash games for the rest of the month and hopefully make Silver Star VIP status again. But I must admit the long grinding days had taken their toll and I spent a few days not doing very much. Then before I knew it I had a week left and still way too many VPPs left to earn. So I just decided maybe I'd have a few easy days of some MTTs and take part in the carnival promo if I felt like playing and I'd worry about VPPs come december. Well this turned out to be the best idea I'd had in a long time.

Earlier in the month I'd made a couple of final tables in some $0.55 tourneys with only around 160ish runners and these had been my first final tables of the year. Well it seems I'm doing something right becase I made my 3rd final table in a $3.30 PLO tourney. Probably my first PLO tourney that wasn't a freeroll or part of a PSO series. Again around 160ish runners but to finish 5th was a big deal for me. Then on the last day of the month I had my best score yet. I hadn't even planned to play since I'd been up at 7:30am to go to work but after dinner I'd seen tweets from friends and fellow PSOers about their Sunday grinds and I had an $11 ticket I hadn't used yet. So I fired up the Bigger $11 and a couple smaller tourneys on the side. While the Bigger $11 and most of the other games were short lived I found myself heads-up at 3:30am in a $2.20 6-max. I didn't even feel tired despite the late hour because I was so excited to be in that spot. I'd been playing well for the most part even though I didn't have many big hands, very patient and just letting the chips come to me when the spots arose. I'd busted three of the four final tablists and was left facing who I'd thought to be the most solid player of the bunch. They has about 2.36m to my 1.84m. The pay jump a pretty hefty $120. Then before a single hand of heads up was played they offered a 50/50 chop. With less chips against a solid player and having been playing for 8 hours after an already long day.. I snapped her hand off! Once the deal was done there was nothing left to play for so we shipped it in blind and the villain binked a pair to take the actual first place but I'm claiming victory still since I got the better deal. One of my goals of an MTT win can be crossed off as far as I'm concerned and I couldn't have had a happier end to the month.


So the figures for the month:


Starting Bankroll (Nov 1st): $410.77

Current Bankroll (Nov 30th): $795.73

VPPs Earned: 128.17