Afraid I've had next to no time to write up my usual monthly review and probably just as well as there's not much good to tell. So a quick overview..

Grinding in October was a huge mix of different games and stakes, from my usual 5NL 6-max Zoom to some 2PLO, $0.04/0.08 Razz to all the Team Online Zoom pools in their various games. My usual games went pretty badly, just lots of coolers and weird hands and some frustrating spots. The PLO was slightly better but at just $0.01/0.02 the boost to the roll was never going to be huge . The Team Online games where either really good or really bad for the bankroll but always fun. Again the best of it came from PLO but I also ran reasonably well in the 5-card draw. The end of the month saw a trasition over to more FR where there seems to be a lot lower variance and a few tendencies that seem pretty common that I'm confident are very exploitable.

In the end though a real bad month, so lets hope MicroMillions will be my comeback.


Starting Bankroll (Oct 1st): $500.25

Current Bankroll (Oct 31st): $410.77

VPPs Earned: 502.19