Hey folks! As I sit here typing I must admit to you all that for the first time in some months I am on tilt. Serious, raging, keyboard smashing tilt! A vast contrast to how the month began, so full of hope, optimism and joy.

Just before the month started I had made a kind of pledge to treat poker a bit more like a #GrindingItUp challenge in the hopes it would help with my motivation and make me keep better track of my results and progress. And I have to say for the most part it has done the job.. with the one excepting of having no effect on my motivation when I'd rather be watching EPT live. Anyway the month began with me fired up to grind some 5NL Zoom and for the first couple days I did until illness managed to make a right mess of my plans. I don't often get sick but when I do it seems pretty bad. I spent days stuck in bed coughing so hard I thought my lungs were gonna give up. Had a small downswing then things were getting back on track and looking good when it really stopped me from playing.

By the time I felt well enough to get back to the tables the PSO monthly series was just starting and I felt a real urge to do well in it as my past results this year have been sub-par. The series started really well for me, taking down the first event, the triple draw, and also doing really well in some of my other favourite games like Razz and 2-7 SD. I think I even took down a NLHE game. A few outside commitments, work, friends and so on did stop me from playing as much as I'd have liked but certainly the games I did get to play I gave it my all. Alas history repeated itself with me having an awful last day and I let the series slip through my fingers. Still 2nd is a much needed improvement to my previous series.

After that it was back to the Zoom tables but I didn't quite get the volume I had planned. My Achilles heel, EPT live. Nine days of live streaming and those that watch it will know I never miss a second if I can help it ( I even got the very first mention, by Hartigan, of the new season). Perhaps after the stream was done for the night I would get a short session in, and to be fair I played well when I did. But the number of hands played was way below what I wanted. This lead me to do something I normally never do, play at the weekend. For some reason, still unknown to me, weekends don't agree with me. I always firgure it's in my head but yet again the last weekend of the month just about destroyed me. In just a few thousand hands, tbh the last 1k or so, I managed to lost about a third of the months total profits. Taking my win-rate down from almost 10 to 6.63 BBs/100. And this, ladies and gents, is the reason for my major tilt. Not so much that I ran bad or anything like that but the fact I always seem to end the month on a sour note. Had I just taken the weekend off like usual I would be recording record profits just now. Oh well..

For those that like all the facts and figures, take a gander.


Starting Bankroll (Aug 1st): $402.92

Current Bankroll (Aug 31st): $456.56

VPPs Earned: 362.98