April 2014 was a breaking point for me. Very early in the month I reached the point where I couldn't continue to carry on in the fashion I was going with my grind/poker life. March had been a losing month and not the first, but worse was it started off with me getting to a new peak of $505 and then went badly wrong. My bankroll at the start of April was hundred bucks less than that peak and it immediately went downwards. Within a few days and a few brutal sessions of 5NL I was down to $330 and completely drained of all motivation to continue. I made a breif attempt to move down to 2NL and keep going but quickly found myself to be massively losing there too. So I made the decision to put my goals for the year on hiatus. Taking a step back seemed to be the only answer because continuing to grind and lose is the definition of insanity.

In my time off I did some learning, watching videos and reading up and also gave some of my sessions and hands another look over. Other than a few misreads and optimistic calls I have yet to identify where I went wrong. Perhaps it's due to some off-table problems and my thinking has not been clear, perhaps just some bad cards and bad spots. Anyway I have decided to draw a line under it and move on.

Towards the eand of the month I fired up some games from time to time whilst watching the EPTlive webcast. I found my old friend the 9-man turbo KO to be softer than ever and I cashed almost all of the few I played. Then in the past few days I have found myself thinking about getting in some more volume than a few Sit N Go's so I have a few short sessions back at 5NL Zoom. And I don't want to jinx it but so far steady small profits from those sessions. Not quite enough to recover my earlier losses yet but the winds may have changed.

So the numbers:

Starting Bankroll (Apr 1st): $405.68

Current Bankroll (Apr 30th): $384.46

VPPs Earned: 141.42


Afraid there's no hand review this month but I plan on doing a lot more of that in my forum thread this month so feel free to pop in there and check it out.