Well better late than never I'm getting round to my review of the last month of 2013. It's been a less than eventful end to the year on the poker front, mainly due to the eventfulness off the tables. I suppose that's the way it always goes over the holiday season, when you want to go out and have fun something else has to be sacrificed.

The month began with some good intentions and good news in the form of me getting my laptop back in working order. The lack of it's presence had been plaguing my efforts over then last couple of months and getting it back was just awesome. Just being able to go online whenever I felt like or had a spare few mins really made a difference in how much I was able to get done. The fact I could stay up late in bed with my laptop and keep playing without disturbing anyone else in my house was great and it let me play some MTTs into the early hours which I don't often do. Made a nice change. Ultimately though, having my laptop back didn't get me the extra playing time I had planned on since I was always out with friends or doing things with family. People call poker a social game but I felt it would be quite anti-social to avoid my friends and family to grind some Zoom. I was hoping to make another Stellar Reward before years end but I came up very far short.

Another area where I fell short for once was the PSO series. This one was a 12 days of Christmas theme and while it was fun to play I did spend much of the 12 days doing Christmasy things and not winning tourneys. When I did sit down to play I found myself getting coolered or being too tired to really concentrate. In fact I think I fell asleep about five times.. oops. In the end I was still in profit from the series but my points total was pretty abysmal by my standards and for the first time ever I missed out on any prizes. However, on the yearly leaderboard I remained top dog! An achievement I am very proud of and hope to win again in 2014. PSO player of the year 2013 has a nice ring to it, and while I don't think it's an official title I'm still going to claim it lol.

Also the end of the year brought an end to what I think was the best promotion ever, the Time Vault! The Time Vault is the whole driving force behind these blogs and my whole attitude to my poker education. I was one of those fortunate enough to win a prize from it. A nice $50 boost to my bankroll as well as a chance to win more from a freeroll SnG! And while it may be the end of the promo I still intend to continue on with the process regardless of whether it will be run again in 2014.

So on to the figures, which are a little lower than they should be after a few last minute shots at glory lol.


Starting Bankroll ( Dec 1st): $392.85 + Tickets: $3.30 MTT

Current Bankroll (Dec 31st): $406.51

VPPs Earned: 120.56

Looking Ahead

With a whole new year on the horizon I'll soon be looking to set myself some goals. I hope to have a solid plan written out before the end of the month with some rules and goals and some kind of plan. Before that however I'd like to put it in writing that no matter what I want to do with 2014 I'm going to stay true to the committments I made in 2013. To continue improving my game, my lifestyle and also my duties as part of Team PSO. Those were things I committed to and I thnk it's improtant to stick with them.


Happy New Year folks!