I have to say November has just flown by! Maybe it's felt quick because I've been so busy outside of poker or maybe it's been all the extra grinding I got up to this month. Either way it's been a fun month and I think I achieved a fair amount.

The month kicked off with one of my favourite things; the PSO series! November's series was called Poker Wars and each event was a knockout. Really cool idea I think and it certainly added to the competative spirit of the games. Had a few ups and downs throughout the series with unlucky runs meaning I bubbles a LOT! and also some tech issues plagued me but in the end I came through. Had some really good results towards the end of the series and managed to take the whole thing down. Yeah baby!!

Also while this was going on I had some success to get me out of the slump I'd been in. A few small STT results really added up and got me back into a decent place bankroll wise. I even managed to qualify for the Red Spade Open for just 300 FPPs! I didn't quite run so good in that but it felt like a freeroll anyway so I was pretty happy.

And if that was enough to put a smile on my face PokerStars never fails to come up with lots of promotions to keep us happy. The November Mission Weeks really gave me the motivation to get my grind going and actually put some volume in for once. Now the first week I had a lot of "real life" stuff to do, which to be honest was mostly fun things, so I didn't quite make my target for the first of the weeks.  However I strive never to make the same mistake twice. Even with taking a couple nights off to play a live game and watch some football I easily made my targets in the following two weeks. Only got $7.50 from the freeroll flipaments but I also won a $22 ticket from the asscoiated Twitter competition so happy days!

Now where would I use a $22 ticket you may ask. The answer this month was all too obvious; Micro Millions VI! When I said Stars never fails to have something cool on the go I really meant it. The Micro Millions is always an awesome series with lots of fun events. Sadly due to some time restraints I didn't get to play nearly as many tourneys as I wanted but I did get to play some of the most fun. The best in my opinion being the $8.80 Progressive Super Knockout. What an amazing structure this event was! Super fun and rather profitable too. I actually got myself in for about $3 and my ROI was pretty nice even without making too deep a run. Few ups and downs in it as always and finished it in 1351st for $20.28 plus $19.95 in bounties. I also played a few other events including the Storm and the Main Event but had no luck getting any more cashes for the series.

Other than all that it's been pretty much just a 2NL 6-max Zoom grind. I think I've been playing pretty well and had some epic sessions. Also had some awful sessions where I just couldn't hold but I guess these happen and after having some real nice run good I guess I was due.

This is the rungood I'm talking about by the way:

Weirdly played perhaps but super sick!

Didn't quite reach my target in terms of bankroll but here are my figures anyways, not too bad for once.


Starting Bankroll (Nov 1st): $301.11 + Tickets: $3.30 MTT

Current Bankroll (Nov 30th): $392.86 + Tickets: $3.30 MTT

VPPs Earned: 277.41

Fadyen's Monthly Misstep

This is from a Team Online Depositors Freeroll that Talonchick hooked me up with a ticket for.

Not going to go into a lot of analysis here. The moral of the story is basically when you're up against a Red Spade give them some credit that they can outplay you. Don't talk yourself into thinking it's the same situation as playing some micro-stakes player. I made a raise on the river that at low stakes or against weak players I think is very +EV but in this spot, early stage of an MTT against a sick player, you have to give them credit that they know what they're doing and aren't going to make a bad 3-bet very often if ever.

Perhaps I'm being harsh on myself but if I want to ever play at the same level as these guys you have to think like them.


Quote of the day: Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.