Unfortunately my October review isn't going to have a whole lot of poker in it. In fact really it feels more like a review of really poor customer service by a certain laptop manufacturer. As the month of September was coming to an end I found my laptop, that I only got at christmas, was having some problems. The main one being  wouldn't start up or if t did it would take sometimes in excess of 8 hours to do so. Unable to fix the problem myself and being told it was most likely a manufacturing fault with the motherboard (which I now find out is a common occurance with said brand) I decided to send it back to be repaired as it was still under guarentee. They told me the courier would pick it up and I'd have it back within 10 days, which I could live with, so I sent it off and in the mean time used an old desktop to play poker and keep up to date with PSO. A few days later I recieved a call from their customer support telling me to fix my laptop would cost me £140. At fisrt I thought there had been some sort of mistake but no. I was informed that because of the damage to it the repair was not covered by the warranty. Somehow, perhaps in transit or maybe even the engineer done it and was trying to cover it up, my laptop had been damaged and left with a crack in the casing (as well as inside I'm told) and I had no proof that it wasn't me that done it. I was pretty mad and told them if they're not going to fix it for free to just send it back since I could buy a new one for not a whole lot more. A couple days later it arrived back, covered in dust and dirt, parts taped to it and indeed with a huge crack in the plastic just by the power input. I have never been so angry on all my life! Mainly because there was nothing I could do since I had no proof of the condition I sent it in. So that's the reason for my distinct lack of poker this month. At least I have learned to be more careful what brands I buy in future.

When I did get some poker in this month it wasn't exactly the best I've ever played and the results showed that. I was slightly up at 2NL 6-max Zoom but considering the volume I tried to get in when I could play I feel I should have made more. I then went ahead and wasted all the profits I made and then some trying to qualify for the Red Spade Open. I got pretty close twice but lost with all in pre AKs vs A8o and the other was 99 vs 66 when I had an overpair to the board but that board had a 6. Them's the breaks I suppose.

Despite all that'd gone on before I did manage to have some fun this month. The Team Online week promos were great! I only caught a few of the 4NL Zoom session and actually lost a fair bit on the first two I played. Those being the ones with Daleroxxu and frosty012. I did take 15 cents off frosty for a bonus but overall I was down about $10 from those two sessions. Perhaps full ring ain't my forte. The 6-max session against Baalim was a lot more favourable. Any time you found one of the pros on your table the action would get insane and I found just the right spot to capitalise on it.

Pretty nice little pot and 14 cents from Baalim for a bonus to boot!

Figures this month are quite depressing but might as well show them.


Starting Bankroll (Oct 1st): $305.83 + Tickets: $3.30 MTT

Current Bankroll (Oct 31st): $301.11 + Tickets: $3.30 MTT

VPPs Earned: 102.92

Fadyen's Monthly Masterclass

This hand comes from a 2NL Zoom session.

The villain, while I didn't know a huge amount about him, seemed to be fairly week and I had seen him spew before. I feel my open with 44 was fairly standard and I was quite happy to see only the BB call as this is the kind of spot I think is profitable. The board came down pretty dry and raggy and I just didn't feel it hit him in any way so I'm not going to get called when I c-bet, so I check. Now the Ace on the turn presents soem problems. Not because I think he has an Ace, I'm still pretty sure I'm ahead, but I think when I make my delayed c-bet the villain with think I'm just trying to use it as a bluff card. So while I'm not actually bluffing, in his eyes I'm repping the Ace which is much stronger than my actual holdings so it's something to keep in mind. He then goes ahead and makes the oddest looking check/raise I've seen in a long time. Story does not check out! So I call confidently. The Ten then comes on the river and I feel a bit bad since this kind of smacks his range (or at least the range I had him on) but then he bets out 26c, which looks somewhat value bet sized. He would never value bet a pair of Tens here in my opinion so I made the call and what do you know, he was getting frisky with a J9o. If the story doesn't check out then it's probably a tall tale.


Quote of the day: It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.