We're three quarters of the way through the year already and each month that passes seems to go by faster and faster. I've started to wonder if I'm going to reach all my goals for the year and as each month passes it seems less and less likely. The main reason behind that has became abundantly clear this month and that is that I'm switching around between my regular game far too much. While it was one of my main goals to find out what games I was best at and what would give me the most profit I don't quite seem to have settled on something yet and I fear it has been a mistake to keep trying new things. However mistakes are no bad thing as long as we learn from them so I have drawn a few conclusions and hope to turn things around by not continuing my mistake. From now on I'm going to do much less switching between the kinds of games I play. While I still want to better myself as an all round player I feel it's beneficial to play mainly one game type as my regular grind and just dabble on the side with whatever it is I'm trying to work on. It seems every month I chop and change and this month it was a switch to heads up SnGs. While I did improve a little in this area it didn't much improve my bankroll and I got in much less volume than usual so overall it hurt my progress towards my ultimate goals. So in the coming month I think I should be sticking to 6-max cash for the most part, possibly Zoom, and hopefully I can get a full version of a HUD this month to help with that. Then whatever I am working on I will devote my study time to and perhaps play it a little at the weekends when I don't usually grind so much. This in theory sounds like a much better routine for my poker and should have the added benefit of meaning I can fit in more volume as it will be easier to focus on my game since I'm not switching about from cash to MTT to SnG all the time. Also I should be playing my A-game more often this way as I won't have to change the strategy/style of play. I guess now time will tell if it mean more profit.

Other than my foray into heads up this month I played in the PSO series, as usual. Once again a fun contest although other commitments stopped me from playing on a few nights which I felt hurt my position on the leaderboard. I did mange a few good finishes and won the 8-game for what was actually a nice amount considering but towards the end of the series I couldn't seem to catch a break. By the last day 1st place was well out of reach but 2nd was up for grabs to quite a number of players. Alas not a single cash on the last day, in fact some pretty sicken beats. Ended up 5th in the series for a $5.50 MTT ticket, which if you read my last blog you'll know I turned into a cash of $15.99. It also slightly helped my lead on the yearly leaderboard which is where the big prizes are to be found.

Not much else to report this month so time for some figures.

Starting Bankroll (Sept 1st): $296.53 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $3.30 MTT

Current Bankroll (Sept 30th): $305.83 = Tickets: $3.30 MTT

VPPs Earned: 113.66

Fadyen's Monthly Masterclass

This hand comes from a $22 MTT I played just a few days ago.

This is still reasonably early on in the tourney and some of the weaker players are still in the game. One villain who I had pegged as one of the weaker types opens for a min raise and with having position and the price I was getting I figured this to be a great spot to set mine. I had this villain down as someone who wasn't capable of making good folds so if I hit my set I was fairly sure I could get some value and sure enough I hit my set. Now he checks to me and I'm slightly confused as I didn't expect this. At first I thought he may just have missed and be giving up but that's not always the case and checking to try and let him catch up could be dangerous and also gets me no value so betting was the best option. I decided to try and make my value bet look a bit suspicous so I made it exacly 60% hopeing the odd number may look bluffy and he would call with more marginal hands but also big enough that it charges his draws. He did make the call. The turn is a blank and he checks to me again, so again I make it 60% pot setting up a nice size for a river shove in case he does have something good and again he calls. This call made me feel great as I figured he must have something with showdown value. River is another blank and he checks for a third time. I'm pretty sure I'm good here so time to ship it all in. I think I can get called by quite a lot of hands I'm crushing especially as I don't feel this villain is good enough to be ranging me or be noticing the strength I am showing and sure enough he calls with just A2. It just goes to show even at game of a $22 buy in you still get weak players who just do not think about their opponents hand so if you have something bet it, don't get fancy.


Quote of the day: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.