It's one of the biggest events of the year on the poker calendar and something every player wants to play. Of course I'm talking about WCOOP! 66 events and $40 million in guarenteed prizes that is sure to be smashed but unfortunately not all of us can afford to stump up the buy in for even one event. And with lots of people getting in on the action I was starting to feel a little left out so I decided I needed a little something to make me feel better and came up with a small tourney schedule of my own. So on the last Friday of the month I fired up PokerStars and registered for the following tourneys:

14:50 - $3.30 Stud H/L 
15:00 - $0.10 NLHE [turbo], $50 added 
17:15 - $2.70 NLHE [turbo, KO] 
17:30 - $1.10 NLHE [6-max] 
18:00 - $5.50 NLHE 
18:00 - $22 NLHE 
18:15 - $1.35 NLHE [turbo, KO] 
18:45 - $3.30 NLHE [6-max] 
18:45 - $2.20 NLHE [turbo] 
19:00 - $3.30 NLHE

So first up with the $3.30 Stud H/L, one of my favourite games to play just for the fun factor. This particular tourney however was not so fun. I just couldn't seem to get a decent hand or when I did it was a costly second best. Eventually I got it in with a pair of Aces and a very decent low draw but I bricked getting a couple of face cards where as the villain hit two pair. Finished 51/54 = $0.00.

Next up was the $0.10, $50 added that is always quite a crazy game especially with it being a turbo and this tourney was no exception. I started well building a reasonable stack but the blinds climbed quickly and some players were getting very out of line. I was dealt AKs in the cutoff when the two blinds were both extremely loose, maniac players. UTG, a short stack, limped in and t folded round to me so I raised it up a decent amount and was unsurprised to see both the blinds call. What I less expected was the see the short stack limper shove all in but with the amount in the pot the only reasonable move I could make was to go over the top to isolate so I did which I thought made it a pretty huge amount to call, however both the blinds did call meaning myself, the short stack and big blind were all-in. SB shows 74s, BB shows AQo, UTG shows TT meaning my AKs had about 30% equity. But this time it just wasn't enough as three spades came down on the board to give the SB a flush and the 74 knocked out three players. Busto 1228/2699 = $0.00.

Then after a short break came the $2.70 knockout. The only knockout I'm afraid was mine.

Out before late reg even finished 2615/2673+ = $0.00

The $1.10 6-max that started next was actually the tourney that started off the best. In fact I was near chip lead for a good portion of the tourney and knocked out a lot of players. Towards the middle stages however I found the cards weren't quite going my way and I started getting really short. Pocket 7s not too far from the bubble and I had to go with it.

Finished 373/3296 = $0.00

While I was playing that the rest of the tourneys started but unfortunately I had quick bust outs in most. Little much to report in the following:

$1.35 NLHE [turbo, KO]  -  3145/8480+ = $0.00 Shoved AK when short and it didn't hold.
$3.30 NLHE [6-max]  -  1115/1599+ = $0.00 TT vs 89o for most of my stack and after that I was done.
$2.20 NLHE [turbo]  -  3241/4190+ = $0.00 Sick hand, KT vs 77 on KT7 board.
$3.30 NLHE  -  1402/2340 = $0.00 This one was my own fault getting in pre JJ vs QQ, should have been abe to fold it.

The $22 tourney was perhaps the one I wanted to well in most for obvious reasons and I actually feel it's one I played very well in. For the first hour or so it was mostly small pots and feeling things out just chipping up little by little then came a hand were I decided to set mine with nice results.

This put me into quite a nice position and for some time I was about 50th in chips and running well. Then I managed to make one big mistake that cost me dearly. I had been getting premiums and was mostly raising and taking it then after opening three hands in a row someone finally played back. I had opened QQ from middle position when a reg 3-bet me from the small blind. I had some suspicion he was just playing back as he didn't believe I could have good hands all the time so I just flat called. I know now this was a mistake. The flop came jack high, somewhat uncoordinated and the villain c-bet which I called, turn was a blank and again the villain continued. At this point I considered shoving all in as if I called I was comitted but I decided that this would just be value owning myself and called. The river came the 9 of clubs, now three clubs on the board and the villain shoved. I was getting a huge price with an overpair and if I'd folded I would be super short. Made the call and villain shows Q7c for the flush. So my read was right that he was just playing back and had been getting aggressive with just Queen high untill he hit the river. So my inability to just play striaght forward cost me potentially one of the biggest scores of my poker career. Finished 359/840 = $0.00

The $5.50 was the only cash of the day. The start was actually a little slow despite me hitting the deck pretty hard. That was until this hand:

This put me up near the big stacks in the tourney and things continued in this fashion until near the bubble. Just before it I took a bit of a hit and I had to tighten up a little to make sure I cashed. Then once it had burst I got a nice oppertunity for a double up with JJ, shoved all in and the BB called me with A5o and my Jacks held. After this I turned into the table captain and after a few resteal from my BB I started to get walks and things were looking promising. Then I unfortunately got moved tables and things there were very different. A lot more aggressive and some really big stacks. It came around to my big blind and I was dealt JTo, button opens just over min but with the blinds so high by this point it's a decent amount. Normally this is where I would shove as a resteal but I was a little unsure of how this villain played and I just flatted (again a mistake). Flop comes down 2J9 and I feel quite good about my hand and I check/called. Turn was a blank and I checked and the villain bets enough to put me all in. I felt kind of sick here but I just couldn't fold. Turns out the villain was stealing with 92o and flopped two pair. Again had I just raised pre I would have been in a good position to score big. Finished 57/1416 = $15.99

So out of just over $44 of buy ins I only managed to win $15.99. Not the best of days but at least my run in the $5.50 shows that it's possible for me to get a deep run so maybe next time I'll get that elusive big score and who knows, maybe it'll be in a WCOOP.