This month seems to have passed by so fast. It seems only a few days ago I was playing in Dog Days PSO series of tournaments trying to get myself another top spot and climb that yearly leaderboard. I always make a point of going for series champ in these things and I make no secret of it. Well this series, the real money games at least, I had quite a tough time of it. In the play money games I actually ran pretty good and played OK and ended up winning the series. The real money games things did not go so well. There were coolers and some tough spots and a whole lot of ups and downs. In the end it was a lot of fun and very exciting on the last day as the top five were all within shooting distance of getting 1st. Unfortunately for me I had a terrible last day and scored no points so ended in 5th for a $5.50 MTT ticket. Always nice to get a prize but I do wish it was a little bigger.

What I spent most of this month doing though was my 2NL 6-max Zoom challenge. The aim of the challenge was essentially to see if I could beat 2NL Zoom. As someone who is primarily a STT player that dabbles in other formats I thought it would be a good change of pace and might help improve my game overall. Improving my game is afterall what this whole year is supposed to be about. I had planned to play roughly 1k hands per day on the days I was playing and actually managed to stick to that for the most part. I had also said I would pretty much just ignore the stats and figures for the first 10k hands or so as I was using this as an adjustment period. I quickly found Zoom to be a very different animal to regular cash games. Sometimes very crazy, just like this, lots more 3-betting than I was used to and much much wider ranges from some villains. I also found in a lot of cases I had to make bigger folds than I was used to making which was hard at first. On the flip side there were a lot of villains that I found you could get thin value from, like in a couple of cases betting with 2-pair hands on the river when the board was pretty wet and getting called by 2nd or even 3rd pair. When I had a winning session it was definately worth it, usually with a win rate in the region of 50 BBs/100. However my losing sessions were sometimes crushing. Not only financially but mentally. It was very tough to get it in good so often and get sucked out on what felt like 5 times a minute. Obviously seeing so many hands when you are running bad you're going to be seeing more beats in that space of time. After a little while I decided I wasn't prepared to keep going with my challenge as I was just not enjoying it and I think I need a bit more review of my session in order to find out if it was mostly runbad or if I really do have more leaks than I though... I will eventually go back to this challenge and when I do I will get all the stats and figures and record it thoroughly.

After my 2NL failure I basically just wanted some low varience games to end the month and earn a few more VPPs so I went back to Fifty50s. The game I built a lot of my roll on. Funnily enough though I pretty much failed with these too. Again what I'm pretty sure is just an unlucky run, including losing with AA 19 out of 21 times when I was always ahead when it went in. These things happen I suppose and I'm going to try and not dwell on it. I did set a target of getting up to $315 by the months end but I didn't quite make that, not even close to be honest.

With that in mind I guess it's time for this months figures.

Starting Bankroll (Aug 1st): $282.00 + Tickets: $22 MTT

Current Bankroll (Aug 31st): $296.53 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $3.30 MTT

VPPs Earned: 177.22

Fadyen's Monthly Masterclass

This hand comes from a PSO series tournament and the main theme behind this is paying attention.

As with many PSO games I knew most of the table but the villain on the button was someone I wasn't too familiar with. So as the game went on I made sure to keep an eye on him and I noticed his tendency to 3-bet medium pairs, more so than with bigger pairs. So when he 3-bet me here I was banking on it being 66 to 99, obviously less likely the 99. I decided to call with the aim of getting it in on a dry flop and a 3 K 4 was pretty perfect so I checked hoping he would c-bet which I felt was fairly standard in this spot. Then obviously with a 3.9k c-bet my only move was all-in, just as I wanted. And what do you know it, he had 88. This may look just like luck but I really think my paying attention to the villains tendencies is what got me a double up, so pay attention!


Quote of the day: It's bad luck to be supersticious.