The end of another month and time for a quick look back at what's being happening. This month's been all 100Bn Hand promos, PSOSOP and a new role in the PSO community, but more on that in a bit.

Well the month couldn't have started in a more frustrating way. It was literally only 3 hours into the month when I was playing the Courchevel Hi/Lo in the PSOSOP, chasing some much needed points, and I was crushing. Flopped the stone cold nuts hi and lo and just as I was about to get some epic value my internet cut out on me. Not just a bit of lagg, it completely went for over 2 hours. By the time I got back online I was down to half a big and busto within seconds. I should have taken it as a sign of things to come. The month as a whole has been quite disappointing. Couldn't seem to get into the swing of things when I tried to gring some sit n gos and even when I payed cash game, as I had planned to this month I found myself having a tought time. Putting in most of the cash game volume around the 100Bn hand countdown to try and hit some milestones, which sadly didn't happen. I tended to 4 table and every session turned out more or less the same with 2 tables being around break even, 1 table with a nice profit and 1 table that put me on tilt a little. For the most part it still lead to steady profit but there was one session where a string of bad beats brought my winrate crashing down and made me give up for a few days to cool off. However when I came back my runbad seemed to still be lurking about but I just have to remember we all go through these rough patches and perhaps next month my bankroll will start going in the right direction again.

Other than my usual grind a lot of my focus this month was on the monumental PSO Series of Poker that has been running all month, and goes through to the 7th of July. One of my main goes was to top the series leaderboard and I made it quite known this was my plan. I have managed to play a good number of events but a few coolers, some errors in judgement and yes, even a couple of cases of being thoroughly out-played have meant I haven't quite reached my goal. So far in the cash tournements my best result is 3rd, which I've reached a few times but can't seem to do better. It's been a long, tough series and although my goal may not be met I feel I'm still withing reach of a top 5 finish and will be striving to get as high as possible.

Contrary to how most of this blog sounds June has not been all doom and gloom. My role in the PSO community has changed somewhat as this month I got the oppertunity to join Team PSO as a forum moderator! I may still be learning the ropes but it's a role I'm very happy to have gotten and I'm proud to be part of Team PSO now. It's a great group that help run this site and hopefully I can add a little something and help give back to the place that's helped my poker game.

Another small piece of gold from this month happened only last night, this hand:

My first ever Royal Flush in all my years of playing. About time, although I would have liked a little more value :p


Anyway, this months numbers:

Starting Bankroll (June 1st): $244.38 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $11 MTT

Current Bankroll (May 31st): $236.75 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $11 MTT

VPPs Earned: 150.24


Fadyen's Monthly Masterclass

Ok calling it a masterclass may be an overstatement but as my month was a tough one I though this months hand could be a good play instead of my usual bad ones. This come from a $1.50 SnG.

I feel I had a fairly good read on the villain and knew he defended his blinds quite liberaly. So although the board may have looked quite scary I just had think through the hand and when I did I couldn't put him on the flush, I just didn't feel he'd play it that way, so my set should be good. And eventually I just had to man up and call. The lesson being sometimes you have to go with your reads. Looking back it seems pretty simple but at the time when you're playing for your tournement life it's not always as easy to put the chips in the middle.


Quote of the day: The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.