Well folks it's time to take a look back at yet nother rollercoaster month on and off the tables.

The month actually started pretty well with a few wins during my Sit n Go grind but it didn't take long for the sick hands to rear their ugly heads.

And so the rollercoaster began. Luckily had had a couple of days break from poker when I took my nephew on his first camping trip so I didn't have any time to dwell on any of the beats. After the little break it was back to a slightly distarcted grind since EPTlive coverage was on and I never miss a second of the action. Although I didn't play a lot of games I seemed to win the ones I did cash due to some epic heads up skills and the occasional nice hand. After a while I even decided to make a run for a Battle of the Planets leaderboard spot which I was on track for until I had about 30 games left for the block when I just had an awful run. I think that was the point where I blew the months profits. Since these sit n gos seem to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride I've been considering playing more cash games and less STTs. Already played some 2NL this month and things seemed to be going OK. I think for the month of June I am going to play a fair amount of 2NL and see how things go, a kind of trial period, before deciding if I should make the switch to cash permanent.

Also this month I started my new fitness regime. Not exactly trying to turn myself into an olympic athlete but just feeling fit and healthy will be good. Feel free to check out my last blog for more details on that and I will be blogging updates at some point in the future. For now though I'm felling pretty good, getting used to a short daily run and trying not to stuff my face too much.


Anyway, this months numbers:

Starting Bankroll (May 1st): $232.47 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $11 MTT

Current Bankroll (May 31st): $244.38 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $11 MTT

VPPs Earned: 152.12


Fadyen's Monthly Maybe Missteps?

Well the first hand is a bit of an unusal play I made that I'm still not sure about either way.

My thinking at the time was along the lines that the villain who won the pot would 3-bet pre with AA or a strong Ax type hand given how wide the OR is here and that even if I was up against a big Ace a check shove on this kind of wet board looks super stong. And when I'm wrong, as I was, I still have good equity, in fact I believe it may actually be 50% here. I'm not sure if I'd make this kind of play again or even if it's +EV in the long run, very unusual spot I think.


My next misstep come from a 2NL 6-max game where I go set mining and hit, but it's not so straight forward.

Flop looks like a nice spot for a check/raise but then both villains check. this makes me feel like they're not super strong, maybe taking a free card? I'm not completely sure but feel like I'm good. Turn makes the board wetter and I decide I need to bet out to get some value, both villains call which gives me no extra info. The river means JT gets there which my gut is telling me is a real possibility for some reason but I let my mind take over and bet again for value. Then oh me oh my, the action fairy arrives. Something was telling me to fold but again I let my mind take over, the players seemed weak, it's 2NL, they could totally be overvaluing 2 pair right? Well I was right about one of them at least. Oh well.. xflixx took a look at this hand and he seems to think this is a fold pre and I tend to agree now. Need to remember position is key. Making things as simple as possible seems like just some generic piece of advice but it's a very valuable lesson.


Quote of the day: You must lose a fly to catch a trout.