In todays world of poker it's getting tougher every day, with more and more players increasing their skill in this ever evolving game. Which means it's only wise to look for any edge you can get over your opponent no matter how small. Most of us will do the usual things like putting in time learning more about the game and reviewing our own play and discussing it with other like minded individuals. All of us at PSO know the importance of education and practice on the tables but what about gaining EV off the tables?

Focus and concentration are a huge factor in how well we make decisions and there is a very simple way to improve that: Fitness! I think the old phrase healthy body, healthy mind is pretty true. Being in shape will give you more energy and should mean you become less tired and can stay focused during long grinding sessions. But energy levels are not the only benifit, if you're in good shape you should, or certainly I would, feel better about yourself and just having positive feelings and attitude can give confidence which can translate to confidence on the poker table. I feel being in a good mood can make a huge difference to how I play.

It certainly won't be an easy task to turn myself from a lazy, weakling into a beast but I'll be taking inspiration from one of my favourite poker players who recently tweeted a before and after photo of his transformation. A transformation that started me thinking about doing this in the first place.Eugene Katchalov showing us it can be done.

I have the weights looked out and a treadmill in the spare room and am ready for the challenge. I will be making a plan to get in regular workouts and make sure I get the sleep I need instead of staying up all night watching TV (although I may make an exception for Game Of Thrones). I've also tried to make sure my diet will be better, cutting out a lot of junk and replacing it with lots of healthy altenatives.  And any time I'm struggling all I have to do is look at this and remind myself of the benifits of keeping at it. I've even taken my own before photo which I won't make you all suffer but hopefully one day in the not too distant future I can look at that and see a difference as well as feel it. Time for a different kind of grind!


I know my blogs aren't the best so if you're interested in this you can read Eugene's blog about it here.