Well hello fellow PSOers and welcome to another one of my monthly reviews. It's not been a very enentful month so it may be a short one.

The first week of April started off pretty badly for me. A lot of lost flips and a few bad beats thrown in for good measure and for once I let my frustration get to me and probably played quite badly for a couple of days before I realised it was time to take a break from poker. After losing 12 sattys to the Sunday Storm in a row, getting it in really good 11 of those times I realised it was better to just leave it for a while and cool down. I then spent the next few days relaxing and having some fun kayaking in the snow. Definately a good idea to take a step back when you're feeling frustrated as it just leads to very poor decisions. I came back feeling much better and although I didn't exactly crush it I did manage to eek out a small profit playing just a few games per session, easing myself back into things. As the rest of the month passed I found I was still having a tough time with bad beats so decided to try upping my aggression and perhaps try and knock out the regular "donks" that were costing me games. Thinking perhaps if I just kept getting it in good against them I would eventually come out on top. However here's an example of what happened when I tried this:

So after a while of this new strategy I have come to the conclusion I should go back to my regular game. Still aggressive but utilising my post flop edge over these kind of players. Only time will tell if it works out.

After all this came one of my favourite parts of the month; PSO's very own tournament series! I'm always very fired up for these as I love playing with all my friends here at Poker School Online and the games are always loads of fun. I'm currently sitting 2nd on the yearly leader board and with such great prizes up for grabs it's always a goal of mine to destroy the competition and come first in every series. Sadly this month I didn't live up to my potential. At the start of the series I played fairly poorly and only managed a few small cashes. I was pretty worried I wouldn't make the top 10 nevermind win the series but with a lot of hard grinding I climbed my way up to 2nd with only a few events to go. But it was such a close run thing it really did come down to the last couple of events. Sandtrap, Stevopick and myself fighting it out for the 2nd place spot and wouldn't you know it we were the last 3 standing in the penultimate event. After a very hard fought battle Sand took it down beating me heads up and I couldn't make a run in the last event to make it up. I still think taking the 3rd spot is fairly good and hope to improve next month.

So perhaps not the best month for me but I learned a very important lesson. Not anything to do with how I play poker but to do with my attitude. I learned that the more fun I have at the tables and the less focused I am on my results the better I will play. And that in turn will make me have even more fun and be more confident in my game. A positive attidude can make such a difference to your game without even realising it.

On to this months figures:

Starting Bankroll (Apr 1st): $223.07 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $22 SCOOP, $16.50 SCOOP

Current Bankroll: (May 31st): $232.47 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $11 MTT

VPPs Earned: 112.05


Fadyen's Monthly Misstep

This comes from one of my deep runs in one of this months PSO series events.

Well what do you guys think? Complete shambles, eh? I think my main mistake here is being too passive preflop. I should have identified that all of us being so short a 3x open is a sign of some sort of decent hand or an overly expensive steal attempt by the villain. Playing three handed my AJ is probably good enough to get it. Shoving here gives me two ways to win the pot where as calling is just going to get my into all kinds of trouble as did happen. I think what I have to learn from this is even if I am desperate for a good result, as I was here, playing scared and calling is the worst thing I can do and I should never change my game to play scared for any reason. It's just plain bad poker.


Quote of the day: If you always start with the worse hand, you never have a bad beat story to tell.