Another month another million eh? I wish. I'm afraid this month, while full of fun a new experiences has not been particularly profitable. But I have to remember my main reason for being here is to achieve my goals I set back in January and profit was not top of that list. Improving my overall game was and I really think I've done a lot of that this month.

I've already blogged about my adventures This month in WBCOOP and PSO's own March Mayhem and even my shot at the Sunday Million but most of my MTT experience this month came from the Micro Millions. Ever waited ages for a bus only for a few to come along all at once? Well that's how my rungood went in the Micro Millions. I played many of the first couple days events only have a couple of min cashes in the smallest buy-in tourneys. I felt quite disheartened for a while as I feel I played really well but fate seems to conspire against me. Then came a half hour (yeh that's all) heater in event 42, the $5.50 turbo knockout. If you don't like looking at hands appologies, feel free to scroll down :p


Not too shabby eh? Unfortunately I got into a bit of a battle with a maniac at 2.5k/5k blinds shortly after this and eventually got a bit coolered. Still managed to cash for about $12 plus bounties.

That however, was not the highlight of my poker month. There is a player who has made a big impact on me and quite possibly changed how my poker career will develop. Talonchick. I will forever be greatful for the help and advice she has given me on a game I shyed away from in the past. For years I played PLO at a fairly basic level for years but was always scared to play O8 or try and play a more advanced style of Omaha. After a lot of chat in her forum thread and some live training followed by playing some play money PLC I feel a lot more confident in my game. I've been playing some PLO8 cash games and dabbling in 5O and Courchevel Sit'n'Gos and I want to keep on at it. I really feel I've started to achieve some of my goals of become a better all round player and I can't wait to keep working on my Omaha game.

All that being said I think April I'll have to get a bit more back to the grind, lacking some discipline this month as you might be able to see from this months figures:

Starting Bankroll (Mar 1st): $213.03

Current Bankroll (Mar 31st): $223.07 + Tickets: $22 MTT, $22 SCOOP, $16.50 SCOOP

VPPs Earned: 198.02

Fadyen's Monthly Misstep


This was from an O8 cash session just as I was starting to learn the game.

I think the lesson we learn here is not to get too carried away with just a nut low and the dangers of getting quartered. Let me know what you think.


Quote of the day: Poker is like life, most people don't learn from their mistakes, they only recognize them.