Well the first month of the year has come and gone in a flash. Looking back at how I've done and what I was aiming to achieve I have to say I'm fairly happy. So far I've been playing at least 5 days of the week for at least an hour or so and I've been getting plenty of live training sessions in and it's definately paying off. From my starting bankroll of $100 I have increased it to $140. Most of this has been done playing 50fifty's and a few other $1.50 SnGs. I've found playing 10-20 Fifty50's a day and throwing in some 90-man Knockouts and a few 9-mans is working fairly well. Playing more during week days with the regs seems to keep the varience down. Next month I plan to record at least 100 Fifty50's and get some idea of the ROI and see if these can really be a good bankroll builder so keep an eye out for that if you're interested in these games. I've also been playing some MTTs including Razz tourney's which I had a couple of small cashes in. I've also gained about 150 VPPs. Admittedly that's a little less VPPs than my usual monthly amount but I think that has something to do with me moving my cash game play to Full Tilt. I took advantage of the promotion of a free $20 ring game ticket by pairing my accounts. I still have the full ticket and just under $20 in cash from playing 5nl which I've found to be pretty soft for the most part. Can't beat some free money!

Since things were going pretty well last weekend I decided to have a shot at sataliting into the Sunday Storm and got in for just $3. This is only the second time I've played in it and I learned a lot about myself playing it. After a couple hours with Pokerstars Team Online pro Shaniac on my left for a good while I was desperate to cash and when it got close to the bubble I found myself playing scared. Here's one of my shockingly bad plays for you all to see:

As I think you'll agree this should've just been a shove from the start. I do feel he probably had an over pair 3-betting from the SB on that size of stack. Agree, disagree? Please let me know your thoughts. I did manage a min cash after all that but definately need to go for the win in the future.

And for those of you that like reviewing hands here's an interesting spot from the daily game that we found oursleves discussing, more from the villains point of view. Was my hand so obvious? Could he have gotten away? Looking at it now I think yes but you can decide for yourself.


As well as working on my game I've come to the conclusion that my environment is very important to my EV. Reading other peoples blogs, especially xflixx's, I've realised having less distrctions and being in the right frame of mind is hugely important. Not playing to the small hours when I'm half asleep and having a more regular schedual should help increase my EV. In the coming month I'll be going on a bit of a health kick too and seeing how that affects my play, concentration and decision making. So as always watch this space!


Quote of the day: Poker is a microcosm of all we admire and disdain about capitalism and democracy. It can be rough-hewn or polished, warm or cold, charitable and caring, or hard and impersonal, ****le and elusive, but ultimately it is fair, and right, and just