Ok, nice title huh?
Topical AND hand related, what more could you ask for from a title?
I don't actually have any 'Beef' with her madge but my ability to play Pocket Queens is causing me great concern. Why do I insist on going all-in pre-flop with them? Am I really a favorite against anything that's calling/raising me? The answer is of course an epic NOOOOOO! 
It turns out people aren't as foolish as me. I sit there hoping for my opponent to flip over an AK or better still an AQ but no, you wonderful people you, you seem to know EXACTLY what I am holding. So damn you Queeney, damn yous to hell!
Please, forgive my tilty speech style as I am a little miffed, peeved if you will. Not at the lucky bugger that happened to be dealt a delightful KK combination at a ridonkulously lucky time but at myself, Viejo Numero Uno, the big cheese for paying that little bugger off. 
So here's the action, I'll happily refer to myself as a hero because lets face it, you don't know any better, and until you do you can keep schtum. However, to refer to my opponent as a villian seems a tad over the top, this is not Victorian London and he is not Jack the Ripper. So for the sake of this explanation I will call him Jack. Jack Burton. No, Snake Plissken!
Did Kurt Russell play any other characters? Screw it, I'll call him Kurt.
Ok, 6-max $5nl. Your hero sits upon the big blind with some lovely ladies watching, waiting, praying for an open raiser. This loose aggressive table seems unwilling to get involved with me as is always the way when you actually have a hand. Fold it goes, Fold to the next. Kurt, oh beautiful Kurt, sitting on the button you couldn't resist could you? An open raise,3 times the big blind. A fold from the SB and then back to me, your beloved hero. How do you not 3Bet in that spot? Is it possible? 3Bet ahoy!! 40 cents BOOM! How do you like me now? 
You've probably realised I'm not going into great detail about Kurts stats. Although I was using Pokertracker, I'd only been on this table for around 10 hands, so what little information I had was relatively useless. So, I do what I always do in this situation, I play more cautiously.
Excitingly Kurt doesn't fold to my 3Bet, nor does he call. This guy just wants to give his money away and I'm just the kinda guy he's gonna give it to. He raises! $1.6 bucks! I must be dreaming, I love it when good things happen to good people. 
So I've shown my strength and he's shown his, twice. That really should have been that. I should have called, seen a flop, called his flop bet, seen the turn and walked away when he bet the house on a paired board. I might have been able to save myself some money. I might have.
Alas, that was not how this played out. Wide-eyed and full of expectation I pumped up the pot again. 6 bucks All-In pre flop on a pair of queens. Kurt's a sensible fellow, he married Goldie Hawn, he knows what he's doing. Of course his hand plays itself. He calls and flips over pocket Kings and my heart sinks. The board comes down 6,5,4,6,9. I'm broken, I'm a shell of a man. I'll be curled up in the fetal position sipping whiskey straight from the bottle whilst Kurt and Goldie go back to their boat and plan another holiday. This ones on me.
Lesson learnt. Queens are strong preflop but they're not Aces. Yes it's bad luck to come up against Kings in that position. BUT It happened before, It WILL happen again. Maybe I should have been more cautious, maybe the 12 card combinations of pocket  Aces and Kings verses the 16 of AK, 6 of Jacks, any chances he's bluffing makes shoving a profitable play. But with an unknown opponent maybe I should have been more patient.
But I'm new to all this. What the hell do I know.
Besides, It's all in the reflexes.