When I passed the quizzes and got the ticket to play in the skill league I was really looking forward to improving my game.  Imagine my surprise when that improvement did not occur overnight or even in the course of weeks (or months).  I was up, I was down, sometimes I felt like I was in a spin cycle, that's how bad my play was.  Trying not to play like a donkey, only to see folks going all in with 2T off and winning with a full house...arrrgggghhh....but that's not me.
The biggest improvement I made to my game was patience.  Wait for the (real) callable hand, try to see the flop for the price of a BB, if possible, if not, don't overcommit to the pot, play super tight especially at the start of the tournament and wait for the loose players to get knocked out.

I finally managed to string together a couple of good finishes after a month long struggle.  Finished 49th and then 107th for a total of 74 points.  Today's first tourney was an excercise in futility as I saw a total of 6 flops out of 76 hands.  I managed to actually win 4 small pots which was just enough to post a 387th place finish out of 1701 players which should still give me positive points.  I know that I've likely irritated more than a few players at my table by playing the clock so for that I'd like to apologize

Last month I decided to play on the real money tables (micro) in an attempt to gain VPPs and become an active player.  I will continue to maintain my active status and, although I will not delude myself into thinking I will be at the top of the league, as long as I finish ITM for the month, I will keep plugging along.

Good luck everyone, see you at the tables...