First day learning poker properly. Having skimmed over basic poker theory in the past but never really having the time to even consider taking up poker seriously I decided with a long break coming up this would be a good time to learn the game in depth. 


Today consisted of completing the basic training and watching a few episodes of the most recent EPT Grand Final. having booked in just under and hour of training this coming wednesday I look forward to building my bankroll in microstakes and executing the lessons learnt today. 


I have been playing a few games of play money but it's become apparent very quickly that this does not directly show how the game is played in real money. I am interested in playing NLHE cash games on multiple tables. I took the time today to decide on a layout for my tables and experimented with some 4 table setups just to get things started. I realise I should start with just 1 table to ensure I play correctly but i find the increased speed actual improves my focus and stops me getting distracted.