February is the month I was born in. So phychologically that should be my lucky month. Well, it happened in real!!

It started off with a $50 win(!!) from the final all-in shootout tourney. That did give a little boost to my bankroll, even though it’s not that significant to increase my stakes. Even if that allowed me to go up the stakes, I would not have done that because I intend to put a particular amount of volume in a certain stake to gather enough experience to move up the stakes. In the January update, you must have seen that even though I didn’t pull up much profit in the 2NL Zoom, I did move up the stakes and started playing 5NL because I put around 76K hands on 2NL. My bankroll marginally allowed me to do so. Even though it shifted to an aggressive bankroll management, I guess it’s the right move since I am more confident in my game now and control my tilt factor better, which is the key.

However, I also tried to put a significant SnG volumes too, and experimentally started to play $2.5 180m turbo ones (I had more than 100 buyins). It paid off really good. How good? Let’s see

Cash Games

Let’s start with the geeky tables and graphs:


As you can see, it wasn’t that smooth of a journey in the 2NL Zoom. However, the picture was completely opposite in 5NL Zoom. Upto a certain point I was 6 tabling Zoom, four 5NL tables and two 2NL tables until I started to grind fully on 5NL tables after a big score in a SnG!



As stated earlier, I started to experimentally play some $2.5 180m Turbo ones. Definitely this experiment was backed up by my bankroll and strategy videos of Andre Coimbra. However, I would still call it and ‘experiment’ because I think I didn’t put sufficient volume to the $0.5 and $1 ones. Well, in my 4th one, I hit big!


Followed by another one two weeks later!!


The first win gave me enough bankroll to continue playing the $2.5 ones. I final tabled some more but could not finish better than 5th until the 2nd win.

The drama leading to the 2nd win was too high because before that win, I busted in 11 tournaments in a row without even cashing. I wasn’t winning a single coinflips, losing most of the 60-40 situation in favour of me preflop and some horrible bad beats was my story in all of them. Losing 11 SnGs in a row did make me a little stressed. However, I kept myself cool and managed not to go on tilt because all of them were standard spots and I almost didn’t make any mistake. Anyways, I was left with the final two tournaments of my session on that day (that was the day after my birthday btw) intending not to play anymore, regardless of winning or busting anymore because I was already stressed enough. Then came this win. The final table play turned out to be easier for me than making it to the final table, ironically!

So the overall results and graph stands like:



Hand Analysis


Hand #1

My first mistake was calling so much out of position with that holdings. However, I have seen a lot of instance that BB does that to resteal. Considering that, after the flop, do you think my shove was okay? Don’t comment on the result, I know things didn’t happen as they deserve to be!

Hand # 2

Here instead I was in position and that was a definite call. I tried to control the pot by playing passively, having a plan to fold it on the turn if the bet is big because I might easily be against AK or AA or 10s the way he reraised BB and led the flop. A c-betting with air or AQ/AJ or QQ is quite an outside chance too, and if that’s the case it’s most likely he would check the turn. When the turn came I did pick up a flush draw and only then I decided to shove if he continues to bet. Do you think that was the right move?

Hand # 3

One of the weirdest call I have ever made. I made an impulse decision putting him on a read, and my read was spot on. However, I think that calling someone putting on reads on ZOOM might not be a good idea. Do you think the same?

Do comment on these hands. The discussion will help me improve my game as well as yours.


My VIP status now looks like this:

The number of VPPs decreased compared to January as you can see. So it’s definitely not going in the right direction for the challenge. What I am trying to focus is on building my bankroll by playing more SnGs and tournaments, taking it in such a stage from where I can smoothly move up the stakes and accelerate my VIP accumulation.

Oh btw, forgot to mention something again. I purchased the small stakes license of PokerTracker4 (now you can surely guess my bankroll if you are following my blogs regarding my challenge)

I will not give a snapshot of my cashier until the end of the challenge or time of the challenge (whichever is earlier). Just to make things fair, I’ll not deposit in the middle of the challenge. In fact I never made a deposit in my Pokerstars life

Plans in March

March would be a less busy poker month for me because my mid-term exams of my university is coming up.  However, to my relief they are going to end at the start of the MicroMillions 7, which I am eagerly looking forward to. I’ll play those NL Holdem tourneys that has a buyin of $3.3 and less and try to satellite the $5.5, $8.8 and the $11 ones. I’ll also continue to play the $2.5 180m SnGs until I reach a BR of $700, from where I’ll start to play the $3.5 180m rebuys.