January wasn't that sweet for me pokerwise, specially when the challenge is quite almost impossible to achieve from a modest bankroll of $200. There has been spots when I felt like the poker god was never in favour of me, that this game is not for me and I should quit. The confidence had been that low. For a moment I thot I will never update the PSO people about my embarrasing results. However things went a bit better at the end of the month. Even though both in cash and SnGs I finished on the up at the end of the month, you’ll understand why I am telling these things if you look at my results.


Oh btw, almost forgot to let you know that I started to use the trial version of PokerTracker.

Cash games:

I put a lot of volume in the 2NL zoom tables. The problem in these stakes were that there are too many fishes and once you go on tilt after having some bad beats, you are basically destined to lose a lot more at a very quick rate if you continue to play. I was grinding pretty well in the first couple of days until that big losing session happened to me on the 4th day of the month, shown in the figure below:

You can see that I lost 25 stacks, that’s right, 25 FRIGGING STACKS in a single session!! I made the most fundamental mistake here of playing for a prolonged time while on tilt. I was playing my D-game (let alone my A, B or C-game), not respecting my opponents and over-bluffing my hands. While reviewing my hands, I figured out that playing ABC poker is kind of key there ini these stakes. After that I had some winning sessions and regained some confidence. The problem was when I hit a losing session, I lost quite a lot making my winning sessions pointless.
Here goes my overall results and graphs:



With low on confidence when the BR was down to around $160, I decided to play some 50c 90m SnGs for two reasons.

1. Since that way too low of a buyin according to my stated BR management, busting one wouldn’t add much pressure.
2. Final tabling or winning some of them would make me gain my lost confidence back.

Before starting to play these, I went through strategy videos of Andre Coimbra to see how he plays and the dynamics of these SnGs. The results, however, wasn’t very satisfactory.

I also played two Saturday Micros and one The Hot 2.2, busting in all of them. Ignore the $7.5 tourney because that was gained by a satellite entry. I did try to satellite in the TCOOP event 1!! Crazy ideas!!


Hand Analysis

I am posting three hands from my cash game sessions. Feel free to comment and criticise the line of action I have taken on each of them. 




My current VIP status stands like:


Plans in February

My focus in the next month is to improve in my cash game by further reviewing my played hands on the tracker and watch some more strategy videos to hone my tournament plays.