As I review my status in 2013, I found out that it was a roller-coaster ride for me. I've been trying few things way out of line and took shots at limits my bankroll did not permit me to do. The results were not good for me. From my bankroll peak of $192 (after some disciplined grinding), I plummeted to $56 in no time! Then again I have to go back to my discipline and grind it back up. I did have a goal at the start of the year, but then I got lost in the middle and done some sillly things without being confident on my skill of play.



So now I stand at a BR of $133 and have a set plan for the next year. I already have tweeted about it.

The only difference is that I'll start with the current BR I am in right now. I'll try to maintain a strict BR management with will be at least:

1) 60 full buyins for cash games (Regular and Zoom)

2) 100 buyins for Sit-n-goes (45m/90m)

3) 200 buyins for MTTs (that includes SnG higher than 90m)

with one exception. I'll always play the Saturday Micro ($3.3 buyin) because the blind structure and the guaranteed prize pool is too good a value for me to be missed.

Playing routine

I am currently at my senior year of my engineering degree, so I am not sure how much time I can give to playing. However, I'll try to give six days of playing 3-4 hours per day. I'll use the other day for learning purpose (reading books, watching training and live sessions videos).

Updating my progress

I'll update my progress on a weekly basis, i.e, one blog per week. Since I have no 'valid' tracking software for the time being, I'll have to show my cashier window to show my progress meanwhile. However, I do have a plan to purchase one if I reach a BR of $500. I'll also post some interesting hands and spots to take your opinion about my line of play in those.


Achieving 100,000 VPPs in a single year with such a small bankroll is really a tough job, but it is possible. I am basically inspired by Andre Coimbra's "100K Challenge" to undertake my own one. I still consider myself as an average player but I do have the urge to improve and learn a lot, and I believe moving up the stakes is one of the ways to do that.

A lot of you might think why I chose to achieve a certain VIP level rather than setting a bankroll peak. I believe that achieving Supernova itself is a great achievement and the benefits and bonuses I'll get from Pokerstars as a result are too good to miss. Another reason is that if I can achieve Supernova, my BR will already be very big in the process.

Right now I am sitting in SilverStar, but I'll start slow in 2014 and will first focus on building the bankroll. Once I achieve a significant bankroll, I can accelerate since achieving VPP while moving up the stakes is an exponential relationship. I believe that with my strong determination, I'll achieve my goal.

I am starting from here:

Wish me luck!!


Update: I'll now start from here