The PSO series of poker is offering some selected group of people to play for a Sunday Million ticket as the ultimate prize. In the process I get to play with almost the same group of ppl in each of these tourneys. As a result of these and seeing some of the players' success in the series, I get to know their styles of play bit by bit. And that helped me in this big laydown I am about to write about.

This was Event#47 ($1.1 NLHE 4-max). From the start of the tourney I was playing with a LAG approach since it's a short-handed game. I was running so good that at the beginning of the first break I became the chipleader. The momentum was with me even after the break and this hand came.

I had Jcrondps in my table, currently 2nd in the overall leaderboard, who was playing smart poker through the time he was at my table. But that didn't change my style. Talking of Jcrondps, he's kinda TAG but is very, VERY aggressive with the hands he decides to play. He 3-bet me quite a lot of times before this hand. At this hand I had KcQc, which is a premium 4-handed. Now see how the hand progressed.



Sometimes poker players have to trust their instincts rather than analysing calculatively and considering pot odds, and the instinct told me that my 2nd nuts isn't good. Given that the action that happened before me, the players behind me (specially a smart player like Jcrondps) and the hand I was holding, it was one of the most difficult laydowns in my life.

I don't know if more difficult situation awaits me. After the showdown, I shouted....>WHAT A LAYDOWN...WOW!!!!!