Honestly, the only goal I started with is to play the Open Skill League and get some bankroll at the end of the month of January. I had a very modest bankroll of around $3 which I accumulated from playing the "Million Dollar Club" freerolls. However, I started playing 2NL cash games and grinded my way to $20 now (aided by some more ITM finishes in the Million Dollar Freerolls). So now my goal will be set on a monthly basis depending on how much bankroll I end up with at the end of each month. Right now my goal is to finish in the top 10 of the premier skill league next month, which will give me a decent bankroll of at least $350. If I succeed, I'll concentrate on the 10NL cash games and some mid stakes tournament through satellites. If not I'll try again in March and play my games that I play right now. In the meantime, I'll watch some tutorials and read articles to hone my poker skills.

One of the ways one can make money is to slowplay your hands. Though a risky plot, but it's effective sometimes, specially when the villain never believes your story. Here's one hand that worked for me.


I guess in my quest, things like this will work for me and help achieve my only goal in the year, BUILD MY BANKROLL out of nothing!!