My experience in poker is only a year old. When I joined pokerstars with the theories and knowledge I gained reading some poker books, I was kind of surprised to see how fast the game is played here. Even though I tried the freerolls, the type of hyper-aggressiveness of the players was something I could not adjust with properly. Instead I sort of started playing like them and could never make a long run (I focus mainly on tournament poker and there were few times I got deep which I consider to be lucky). Then I came across The Langolier’s “Dealing with Aggression” live training video.

Here he explained precisely how players online show their aggression in different flavours and types. His explanation of how the smart LAG, Bad LAG, Maniacs and TAG bullies play exactly goes with the aggression I faced while playing at pokerstars. Oh I forgot to mention, I saw the video like 7/8 months back and before that even though I knew how these players played, it was tough for me to classify them their type and exploit their weakness. Even I found myself as a “Bad LAG” because I was often prone to make too many bluffs and could not read the situation. Now however I know my weaknesses and always try to exploit the bad plays of other players who was a previous ME . I made three final tables at the open skill league so far(with my previous pokerstars ID “DirTBoy666” before renaming it to the current one). I am happy with the progress I made so far, but I know there are still a hell lot of areas to improve. For that I’ll look forward to see the other PSO live training videos. However, this particular video did inspire me to do better in the changing playing trend of online poker and adjust appropriately, which was very important for me to survive and thrive among the ocean of aggressive players.