These PSO tournaments can be frustrating at times after bad beats send you out of a tournament early, and you realize your rating will suffer, but that is poker.

There are many "Active" players who play in the tournaments and do not take it seriously, because it is a freeroll.  Perfect example was during a hand that I got busted out on in the most recent tournament.

Player A limps in from middle position, and I have A-10os in the BB.  I decide that Player A will be likely to call a raise, as he has been very loose, and my hand has to improve on the flop to have any real value out of position.  The flop comes 10-8-7.  I check, since Player A has been so aggressive so far.  He bets the pot, I raise, and he shoves, putting me all-in.  I feel like I'm ahead, so I call, and to my surprise, Player A turns over 8-4os.  An 8 comes on the river, and just like that, I am gone.

I'm not sure what Pokerstars could do to prevent this, but this kind of play really goes against what this league is supposed to be about.  People are supposed to play in these with the goal of improving their game.  Playing like this just "because it's for free" is not the spirit that Pokerstars had in mind when they created PSO.

The most frustrating thing about PSO, however, are the players that enter, and then just sit out until they are eliminated.  Over half the field is eliminated before they are, and all they have done is entered the tournament.  If Pokerstars has a way of tracking how often players sit out of tournaments, they should enact a penalty.  Players can hypothetically sit out in every tournament for the entire month, and finish in the top 1,000 and make money.  If players choose to sit out for an entire tournament, Pokerstars should choose to ban them from PSO.