Hi Guys!

My first blog post here! I don't think anyone is ever going to read this, but i'll write it anyway. 

I'm a 22 year old poker player and student from The Netherlands. I study Media & Event management. So, i managed to bust my entire roll, and i decided to start over. This was mainly due to tilt and very bad bankroll management. We've all been there i guess. 

Currently i'm grinding the 9-man turbu sng's on Stars. They are quite soft, and they have alot of lol-bad players. I'm also improving my game by reading books and watching video's. Today i've managed to bink some sng's. It's only a small sample because i don't feel like playing that many games today. I hope you guys will follow my progress, and hopefully within a few months i'll be a 7$ sng regular. 

Here is my graph for today: