We have just played our latest instalment of Dinnys Den. It is a mates garage that has been converted into our oun poker roon. A 10 seater table, a fridge, plenty of beer and a great bunch of lads. Once a month.
This week we had a 4 hour tourney that gave rebuys for 2 hours and 1 add on. The pot wasn't massive but the fun and skill were still in abundance.
Anyway, 3rd to rebuy I kept a low profile and let the aggressive players build up a stack who were catching 1/2/3 outers everywhere. After everyone added to their stack the real game started and after a couple of knockoutsit ended 3 way.
The long time chip leader 'Tobin' started to blow up and after a treble up with poket Queens I was back in it. A few hands later my AA held up agains tobins AKs.(honest) I moved into 2nd. With 'Will' taking out 'Tobin' it went heads-up 50-50.
Unfortunately my AQ failed to hold against K3 and I was out. Well played Will.
The first time we have done R+A's but I think it was a success.
Next time the cash game will be back this normally goes on til about 5ish.

I will post again after the next one.

Feel free to comment or add your own games.