Since coming on this site I have noticed a generous amount of "complaining" or "observations" about how many unskilled players there are in the PSO (as well as the rest of the gang) and I will concur that in the PSO there are a lot of unskilled players, but that is exactly what the PSO is all about. It's about learning the game, and finding your style. The PSO is a school, it is a tool used to help us grow as players. Sure there are those at the top of the class who will play skill, but there are also those at the bottom of the class who rely strictly on luck to get them through. I am in the middle of the pack. I am still learning and trying to tune in to my own style, however, that some times means that I stray from the conventional playing style I was taught in the Basic and Core lessons and will try new things. This game isn't all about skill, it's also about the cards that you are dealt, and with that, the success of each player is dependent on a certain percentage of luck. I'm not trying to bash the "complainers", I'm not trying to justify poor playmanship, I'm just promoting that this is a learning experience and we are all in this together. To those who get perturbed at the thought of 'plenty-of-fish' in the PSO, relax, and take advantage of their poor playing style, observe and when the moment is right take them for all they've got, you know they are going to call. To those who strictly rely on luck to get them through the game, hone your skills, luck only lasts so long and in the end, you're not going to see too many final tables. For me, I'm going to keep learning, I'm going to keep adding on to my game and hopefully I will be able to master this wonderful craft known as poker. That's it for now.