First, a little introduction on my thought processes. Today is just one of those days. You know - you wake up; take a glimpse at the morning African sun and say "Bleh, dunno what all the fuss is about", have some coffee and a cigarette; and then try another game of poker before you have to give your first guitar lesson of the morning.

I say "try another game" merely because I am a beginner at online poker. There's no other way to class myself. I've only played for a month on Pokerstars with my first deposit. Whoopdedoo. My introduction was Facebook poker, and then I got bored because there's no real money involved. I've played a few times in mini tourneys at the local casino - never won but I was happy with my progress at either 2nd or 3rd. Grow some nuts and put some money into my PS account... sit back and wait for it to flow in. For some reason I think my PS account is broken because all the money left.

Playing online really makes you doubt your game sometimes. Or at least, thats what it does to me. In all honesty, PS kicked my butt severely in my virginal debut. Holy crap - all ins from everyone and 4 to 8BB preflop when they're holding like 49o. I had to swear at my screen a few times and maybe, just maybe, have a screamfest due to possible frustration. You know, just maybe.

Then everyone calling me a fish or a donkey. Wtf is with that? Instead of displaying it to the table, wouldn't it be more beneficial to keep quiet about it and make a note? That way its your secret and you know I'll call your plays - makes sense to me. *shrug* And I seriously don't mind being thought of as a fish or a donkey, because then you'll call my plays too :-D And then you can call me a fish or donkey again because you called or, dare I say it, reraised when I was holding quads.

I know I still have a lot to learn in poker. Like lots and lots of... well, stuff. And I don't mind the learning because I truly enjoy playing the game. Nobody has to tell me I need patience - I teach snot dribblers and nappy crappers for a living. Teaching kids has taught me one other little lesson - never have any!

So now onto the questioning mind. How does one rate one's own performance in a tourney? Do you think in terms of cash or in terms of where you landed up placing in the tourney using a percentage basis? Lets say there were 30000 entries and you placed at 1000. Would you be happy knowing you placed within the top 3% or would you be bummed out because you didn't make much money? Personally I use that percentage basis as it lets me know my progress and sets in motion the desire to get into the top 2% followed by top 1%... the money lands up being a bonus due to progress made.

I don't know, that's just the way I see it right now. If anyone would care to comment on this and leave me with some food for thought... the table is now yours