Well, I figured I had committed to posting twice a month in 2013, why let December feel lonely. At least this way I can say I followed the committment to the letter for the entire year.

This year has been pretty up and down and seems to be ending mostly on the down. I am very close to busting my bankroll (excluding the WBCOOP prize) and the Time Vault challenge didn't pan out as I had been hoping. Perhaps I didn't talk enough about poker hands in this blog. But you know they all seem the same. Same 52 cards hah

I did pretty well in a couple of tournaments yesterday and the day before though - had a pretty high finish in ChromeStar freeroll and one in a Big 3.30. Both paid miniscule amounts in Acoimbra terms, or even in Sandtrap terms; but still, it was pretty nice not to bust out either side of the bubble.

According to playerscope, I'm $164 down for the year 2013. The highest I've had in my bankroll (excl WBCOOP) was about $200, and I can't even remember how I got to that money, maybe through cash? Maybe when I was actually following the strategies I've read rather than spewing chips.

So I'll succumb to the goal so many new players have and give in too - I really want one time big time. It's more of a wish though isn't it. I have no idea how I train to win big in MTTs. From the ones where I got paid it seemed through sheer luck - getting a good hand and the other guy going all in and me thinking "really? ok". Most times when I think I have got a good hand and will use my 'skills' I end up losing with KK to 82 (actually happened yesterday). And this is not slow playing, or anything silly. It's 3betting to 8 BB and getting called. I know I know bad luck - this is why I don't post hands, I know what the commentary would be; and, after all, we want players that call 8 BB with 82o to stay on the site - he went busto in the next hand.

I guess the goals for 2014 would be to start making a profit, with a more realistic goal to be to get back to $100 and then to $200. However, I really don't like setting long term goals, because, as I've seen from the TIme Vault Challenge, it's absolutely soul-crushing to get to the very end and miss the goal post. Admittedly, I do get a consolation prize; but it just feels so very much like my tournament graph in the previous blog post - make it to the bubble and either just make it or just miss out.

I was thinking the other day - all my big money wins have been luck of the draw type from Twitter and various give-aways, none from actual merit. I guess it means at least I'm lucky?