Last time Micromillions came around, I limited myself to only playing buyins that were $1 or less, which left me about three or so that were in my timezone. This time, I'm a bit looser with my bank roll and went methodically through the list of all the tournaments and selected them based solely on the time. I then removed a couple of the tournaments that I wouldn't like the style of (eg, badugi, triple draw. 6 max), and eliminated a couple of too late, too early, or too expensive ones. 

This left me with 27 tournaments I intend to play this time. Here's my schedule and progress so far:

I played a couple of satellites as well, but they're not reflected in here. In most cases it was just more towards the red end of the spectrum.

I got my November Mission week one sorted (30 VPP) and cashed in the flipament for $1.50.

For week two, I went with 60 VPP and it's on track - losing forty dollars in a day certainly helped that!

I've already got my Chromestar refreshed for the next month, but I think Silverstar is a bit out of reach. I feel like maybe they should be one at 250 VPP rather than 100 straight to 500. Though I guess if I was winning or even breaking even more, it'd not be that much of a challenge.

I also discovered a $22 ticket in my account, maybe it's for Twitter November Mission draw from Pokerstars, I'm not sure, but still a nice bonus