For the first time in my poker 'career' I have reached ChromeStar. I guess a lot of people get this just by depositing a few hundred dollars and entering into larger stake games. I, however, started with nothing - I had some sort of bonus from connecting my PokerStars with my FullTilt account, which I then turned into $8 and transferred back to Stars. This was in January this year. 

Now I have $1212.99 (although admittedly $1,000 of this was through twitter competition and not playing poker per se). I came close to getting ChromeStar last month but was too scared to play bigger stakes. 

This month I felt quite comfortable playing $3.50 Fifty50s, $5 Zoom, and Special Tourneys up to $5 buy-in. My overall profit in October (according to PlayerScope) is $16.71 and I was in the money 48 percent of the time, though just in the last seven days my profit was $18.91.

I do seem to have a tendency to very frequently make it just past the bubble and then bust out. I don't know if it's because I get bored or tired or what; but it does turn out to be maximum effort for minimum reward. Maybe that's something to work on.

Having looked at my original goals in Time Vault, I guess I kind of met them - I originally aspired to play $1.50 45s but those seem like chump change now. In reality though, I still haven't won a single tournament (maybe some sort of home games?) and my best score in an MTT was 2nd for $65. 

Funny how I used to not be able to play two tables, now four tables seems too slow and I usually play Candy Crush or some such on Facebook. I'm pretty impatient now too and I loooove Zoom games - I do well in tournaments and in cash, though I find the tournament experience more rewarding. There seems to be an extra level of satisfaction for beating a field rather than just making money (which in real dollar terms is below minimum wage).

Well, here's to bigger and better things. They do say you can never be too rich