Only a couple of months left in the Time Vault promotion, I wonder how many are still going Fadyen mentioned that'd be a review at the end of September,  but with the forums not working properly, I'm not sure if it's been done.

I have been playing mainly Fifty50 games as discussed in the previous blog post and Zoom. With the recent 7-2 promotion, I moved up to 5NL zoom as I felt 2NL was a bit too slow. It's pretty amazing to sit down for half an hour and walk away with 10-15 dollars - tons more than I would have earned after hours and hours of multi-tabling $0.25 tournaments. 

Here's my progress so far.

Funnily the three 7-2 hands I've won recently all turned out to be clubs:

The best part about playing zoom is how fast the VPP stack up. It's only been five days of the month and I'm already a third towards reaching the Chrome Star. Last month I was trying desperately to make it playing tournaments and it was just so expensive and slow!

And now for my favourite hand this month. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

In retrospect, it was probably not the best play, but then again it's nice to get touched by the luck brush once in a while!