I came up with a little game for myself where I try to grow my bankroll by playing the Fifty50 9-man SNGs. 

Say, if I start with 100 dollars (or any 'mark' really), then I play $1.50 ones until I have more than $3.50 over the mark, then switch to $3.50 tournaments, then $7 and so on. 

I think that gives an easy way to keep track of the profits without any spreadsheets or software. The good thing with Fifty50s is that even if you're not doing that well, you can still 'get away' by at least making your money back, and often a few cents over. If you run well, then you can clean up (as I did once playing $7 and cashing $17). 

The other fun part is that the games are relatively fast, usually no longer than an hour, and lots of same people play them, so you get to know the crowd. Many people multitable these, so there's not a lot of chatter that I was getting sick of on 25 c 45-man SNGs. 

Then, once you get past the next mark, say $200, you set that as a level and reset, to make sure you are chipping up.

Give it a go and see how you like it!