My favourite time of the week is 5 am on Sunday. By any normal standards, it's ridiculously early, and I'd not get up that early for work or study; but for entertainment, absolutely!

Most successful tournaments I've had have been at this time. It's probably a function of when tournaments are and ability to concentrate in peace and quiet. 

Being twenty something hours ahead of the US and twelvish ahead of Europe, I am usually on the opposite side of the day for anything interesting happening. My twitter feed is at its most interesting when I read it on the train on the way to work, as I catch up on all the things that happened while I was sleeping.

Early Sunday is also the best time for streamed events, such as Day[9] and EPT Live.

It's become some sort of a ritual now to get up at quarter to five, put on the coffee, turn on the computer (but leave the lights out because my birds are sleeping), start up a stream (but turn the volume down low), and play some tournaments on PokerStars. 

Last weekened I got the PSO EPT Freeroll ticket through this site and was very happy to see it was at my favourite time of the week! Better yet, EPT Live was one with Stapes and Hartigan! Honestly, I don't even watch the poker playing but just have the steam on in the background to listen to. Those guys are extremely entertaining, and I love the engagement via Twitter that goes with it. I busted out of the PSO Freeroll after 19 minutes because I got it confused with some other tournament that I was playing; not that it's an excuse, but I guess I wouldn't have pushed all in. Nevertheless, I stayed up to listen to the EPT Live and played some other tournaments. I think I min-cashed cashed in EPT Freeroll (the one for which they give out the password on the stream) and was very successful in Fifty50s. So far I've been easily cashing in $1.50 and $3.50 ones and I even played a couple of $7 buy-in ones and cashed $17.50 in one of them! Fifty50s suit me well I think because I really don't like playing short-handed. 

Today I was playing in the Big Bang (thanks for the ticket PSO!), but got distracted or something and just busted out, even though I was 19th up until I went all in. D'oh!

Never mind though, Dreamhack is on and I have a stream to listen to. 

What is your favourite time of the week?