What a great way to start the month of August - I've just my biggest cash this year!

My last big cash was coming second in a limit tournament for $60. The biggest is now $78.55 for 145th in the Big $22 and $13 for 89th in the Big Bang at the same time!

Maybe the trick is to only play tournaments that have the word big in them?

The best part is I didn't have to pay to play either of these tournaments. I got the Big Bang ticket probably as a result of Play My Hand with xflixx, and I got the Big $22 ticket for answering the FridayGiveaway on Twitter with @Pokerstars. Both were luck of the draw awards and the luck continued on the felt!

There were some touch and go hands in both tournaments and I really didn't think I'd make it to the first break. I got some lucky breaks where suited cards trumped big pairs and it was clear I'd be making it into mincash. Then a few lucky hands again and I was away into the big money. Sure it's not the ten grand first prize, but serioulsy, shouldn't that go to someone that actually plays this level of buy in regularly and not some lucky fishie?

The Big Bang required some expert timebanking towards the end to make the difference between the bubble and the mincash. Luckily mincash in the Big Bang is amazing and bigger than most games I play.

So overall, you could say 5 am Sunday is my favourite time of the week - it's so quiet and dark and still and the money just pours in! It's now 8:40 am, not a bad hourly rate I'd say and the day has just begun.

Have I mentioned I still haven't broken the seal on the $1,000 I got for WBCOOP twittering?  Up and up and up. 

Hope your weekend is going great, take care and run good.