The most recent addition to Team Online at Pokerstars also happens to be one of the PSO coaches. Although I rarely can attend live training due to time zone issues, I have been following xflixx for a while because of his great blog. There've been great recounts of trips to Las Vegas on seemingly just a whim and fantastic theories on being committed to weak hands.

Seeing as xflixx is one of the PSO compatriots and fellow bloggers, I thought it'd be only natural to ask him for a little interview, and perhaps discover something 'the official' blogs won't pick up

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Felix.

Based on the disbelief described in your announcement blog, becoming Team Online was a bit of a surprise. Is this something you always aimed for in your poker career or was it a genuine "bonus cherry on top of a pretty delicious cake"?

When PokerStars introduced Team Online they also opened up a chance for Supernovas to apply. I was immediately hooked by the idea of becoming a member. After filling out applications in two consecutive years I had nearly forgotten about the whole thing when they finally did approach me this year. I was really surprised and super happy.

The official page describes you as a renowned poker coach with a maths degree and a semi-professional MtG player. Have you always had your mind set on mathematical and gaming world? I certainly find myself always gravitating towards games set in such constructs rather than 'shoot em ups' and I wonder if it's a common theme for most poker players.

It definitely is, yeah. I think that most of the thought processes and patterns required in both Math and MtG strongly relate to Poker. That is why so many strategic gamers feel attracted to it I guess. Even though I did not plan to pursue a classic working career with my maths degree I am really happy to have studied it as I could acquire and train the strategic and rational way of thinking.

Although you of course cannot discuss the terms of your deal with Pokerstars, do you have any tips for those players who hope one day to make the cut of being among the elite ranks of Team Online? Should the focus be on being a visible and engaging online personality? a Supernova? A one time big time tournament winner?

All of the assets you named will be very valuable when pursuing the goal of becoming a member of Team Online. I think that it is going to be the entire package that counts - with the ability to inspire people in and outside the pokerworld being one of the most valuable qualities.

Frosty012, who is now your colleague in Team Online, has recently published a blog about setting big picture goals and reaching them. To me the results he achieved are both amazingly impressive and extremely inspirational. What are your big picture goals in your poker career?

To be honest with you I am a little different. I am a very humble person and I have no big aspirations of accumulating wealth, a house, a car or any material goods like that. To me money is a means to an end, and what makes me more happy than anything in life is being able to make my living on teaching, playing, doing, living what I love. I enjoy that I can be my own boss on my job, that I can travel with my wife and play cards anywhere in the world - especially in Vegas .

Do you have plans to enter more online and live tournaments or will you be sticking to your wheelhouse, the 6-max cash games? The official blog says you want to take down a major tournament soon. Have you set your sights on anything specific?

I will definitely play a couple of SCOOP events and other upcoming major online tournaments like the Sunday Million or during WCOOP. I am also planning on making an appearance on the live tournament circuit like at WSOP or even EPT, but until then I want to work on my MTT game as I feel I am not a good MTT player at all 

What kind of training schedule do you think you'll adopt in preparation for such a tournament?

First and foremost it's going to be consuming and processing content like training videos or books. I could also envisage getting some coaching by a successful online and/or live tournament player. In the end I will have to practise and play a lot the hard way - learning by doing, just like I did with cashgame over the course of the years.

Will you keep blogging and training on PSO?

Yes of course! That has been and will always be a highly enjoyable part of my job.

I read recently a blog by Ike Huxton about the staking deals in major tournaments. It was an interesting insight into the world of professional poker. Do you have plans to offer part of your action to your trainees and online friends at PSO?

I could definitely envisage that. However, I need to be content with my MTT game and better with my results first before I eventually might do that.

How about travel? I see that you frequently travel to Las Vegas, which is no easy feat from Germany. Do you plan to play any "tours", such as EPT, LAPT? May I suggest ANZPT - New Zealand is great, and if you're down these parts, I'll definitely show you around Wellington, which claims to have more cafes per capita than New York - admittedly New York population is larger than that of the entire New Zealand.  Also, Wellington has no casinos, so ANZPT actually goes through Auckland and Queenstown. But hey, visit anyway 

Travelling the world is something that has always been a nice side effect of playing cards on such a level and I will have the opportunities to keep it like that. Let's see what the future brings but I am definitely inclined to get a feel for the live tournament circuit in different parts of the world - not only in Vegas!

Now a few maybe personal questions. If you've ever had a passing interest in any celebrities (of reading the Entertainment section of the newspaper variety, not stalking them outside their house!!), I'm sure you'll know it's not about being a creepy stalker, but just about finding out what it is that makes you succeed and perhaps learning to emulate it. Even the oddest things could be the difference that makes you successful and me not so much 

Are you single? - Married
Do you have a "day job"? - I am a self-employed trainer/coach, blogger/author
Do you have any pets? - We have two Maine Coon cats
Are you a cat, dog, fish, or bird person? Perhaps turtles? - CATS, definitely!
What's your favourite food? - Pretty boring: Italian I'd say
Do you listen to music much? If so what kind? - I used to listen to tons of punkrock and harder stuff in my early days now I've gotten a bit more mellow and enjoy laid back country tunes.
Do you watch any TV shows? If so, when do you find the time? - Always at night with my wife. Most notably The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory (in that particular order). I also keep watching all 5 seasons of "Las Vegas" over and over again when I'm in Germany.

I hope this has been fun for you and didn't take too much time. Thank you very much for letting me ask you some questions.

Viel Glück und Erfolg!