This is the first month since I've joined PSO where I had more than 20 VPP, so I've been able to watch some more videos in the library.

Having watched some of Frosty's tutorials on how to multitable, I am now comfortable with playing up to four tables at the same time, stacked. In fact, if I'm playing fewer tables, I end up distracted a lot. Any more tables and the incessant beeping drives me mad. 

I have been quite fortunate with my Big Bang entries and managed to have got a ticket into all three so far - first by getting three sub400 finishes, and second and thid by blogging and replying to PlayMyHand. Although I've seen some comments that say that type of entry is cheating. I personally work quite hard on writing good blog posts, so it certainly doesn't feel like cheating to me, feels more like a reward.

Last week I was also extremely fortunate to have cashed the Big Bang. I came 32nd and received $25. This is the biggest cash I've had from a poker game to date. 

Now that I am stacking tables, I think getting through enough VPPs to get 20 every month for the OSL boards shouldn't be hard. However, finishing anywhere higher than the minimum prize is proving to be a problem!

Last week I had a game where I finished 55th. My first cash in OSL! So what if it was only one cent ... That's 55 out of 10,000 people.

I was certain I'd stay up there and make more money than the 2.50, but this past week I've been tanking really bad and am slipping... At this rate might be lucky to even get a prize!

I've been using PokerOffice for all my games and I think it's helping. I've found some bugs but the support is very responsive and have already put one of my suggestions on the development schedule. 

My cowboy challenge is still going. I've been meaning to write a blog about it when I get out of Level 1, but would you believe that after 116 games I'm still there!!! Breakeven Player of the Year. My RoI in March was eight percent and in April I've played heaps more game and it's three percent. I have also not won a single game. 

So overall the month is going better than the last one but not quite meeting my goals. Of course, the cash in the Big Bang was a massive win, but I kind of felt like I just got lucky. 

Hopefully my next update will be about the Cowboy Challenge Level 2!

Oh, speaking of challenges, come check out the one I'm doing with some buddies.