This week has been a rollercoaster of madness. 

First I lost about five dollars on Zoom and got thoroughly depressed because it represented a third of my bankroll. Then I busted out of a MicroMillions Main Event freeroll - something that was extra annoying because I had to get up at 5 am to watch the live training to get the ticket and everyone was saying how it'd be really easy to cash in that freeroll. Then I made no inroads into my Cowboy Challenge because I had guests over for the weekend.

Then on Tuesday I went to work quite down about my pokering and not really feeling like going anywhere. After doing work things all day I was walking to the train home and checking my emails. I had a message from Roland saying 'Congratulations!'. I was like, wtf, is this spam? Then his message referred to Pokerstars Blog. Huh?

So I had a look on the stars site and found this. Holy cow batman! Apparently I won a cool grand. That's more than the Main Event winner! That's more than I get paid in a week. Are you saying I won't have to deposit into my stars account after all? Wow. Blown away.

I checked Twitter and it was all aflutter with congratulations messages and whatnot. Quite an amazing feeling. As I said on Twitter, thank you all who supported me through the games and on Twitter and in personal messages. It was a really fun and warm introduction to the WBCOOP.

I did feel somewhat bad because some people were clearly competing for the Best Tweeter award, commentating on all 30 games, while I was just hanging out and chatting with my newly-found poker friends while playing my 10 games. I did hope to get something blogging-related but never in the world considered myself in the running for the Twitter part of the competition. I guess it's like those times you are drawing to a straight and get a runner runner flush too. 

I haven't got anything in my account yet, and support advise me it'll take a week or so, but I have to say I have no idea what I'll do with it. I have to be responsible and not spend it all at once obviously, but according to this video it's enough to start making a living off poker. If only I could figure out how.

I'm not sure if to continue with Cowboy Challenge or to make it into Building Blocks challenge. I guess they're fundamentally quite similar. It's a bit depressing to see that Andy made it out of Level 1 within six games, while I'm still there after 19. Here's my silly graph. I'm calling it the Harry Potter.

One thing I did consider was getting Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4. Funny thing though, I downloaded both to trial in January and, after some issues installing or running them or something, uninstalled both, having not used the trial at all. But some registry entries must have stayed on my PC and now they both say my trial has expired. Without a real trial for either, I'm far too reluctant to spend cash on them even if that cash was free. Advice, dear readers, is most welcome.

I am currently playing in MicroMillions 63 with one of my $5.50 WBCOOP tickets, sitting in the top 10 percentile, so hopefully some sort of cashing will be happening. I do seem to do quite much better in tournaments that have thousands of people than the 45 man SNGs. Maybe it's my OSL 'training' that helps me out? Although, famous last words and all that.

I read this interview with Day[9] today and one thing he said really resonated with me. I paraphrase here a little to adjust to generic games, not just StarCraft: "You shouldn’t complain about what you don’t have any control over...and it doesn’t help you win – in fact, it’s detrimental to winning...instead work out how to optimise [your] play". 

Hope your pokering is going well. I am reading and commenting as always, and am really loving the new improvements to the PSO forums and the site in general.

My next blog post will again be about going outside. Hope you stop by to read it!