The main event of WBCOOP was today, Tuesday at 3 am my time.

I booked the day off work and told everyone yesterday that if it goes badly (ie, if I bust out early), I'd just go back to bed and come into work as normal. If it goes well I'd stay at home and keep playing, then catch up on sleep. I came home last night at half past five, registered for OSL (which is now an hour earlier), and went to bed with my iPad. 

I calculated that to get a good night's sleep for a 3 am start, I had to be asleep by at least 7 pm. In reality, I never get eight hours of sleep, but I figured getting to get asleep that early would be nigh impossible. I played OSL on the iPad for about half an hour before I got busted out at about 2000th and tried to get to sleep.

Surprisingly, my phone app says I fell asleep at 7:30 pm and lasted through till about half past one. It was hard to get back to sleep then because WBCOOP Main event was almost on. I got up at quarter to three unexpectedly fresh and ready to go.

It was pleasing to know that the event was plain NLHE, with no gimmicks, and a massive 10,000 chip stack. Suits me just fine. It was somewhat scary to see that the field was 700 odd players. The late registration was 90 minutes and the final field ended up being 1009.

I prepared for the game the day before by perusing a couple of books and trying not to worry. I was still quite upset from my previous day's failures and really really wanted to make it in the money -- even the smallest cash would multiply my bankroll many fold.

Another thing I did was buy a cupcake. Ridiculous you say? Well, I haven't been eating much in the way of carbs this year and I figured 'damn it, my brain needs the sugar if I am to function at my best at three in the morning'. 

Here's a picture I took for you. It's a delicious ginger cupcake with a gingerbread man on top. I figured it could double as some sort of voodoo offering to the poker goods. I decided that if I made it to the break I'd eat it and if not I'd eat it as a consolation prize. Win/Win.

The game took off with a reasonable start, no one going all-in preflop, blind-stealing working, small pots here and there. My biggest first pot came from this hand:

By this time, the action on Twitter #WBCOOP was going quite well. I really enjoyed exchanging and favouriting tweets from 85FastLane and some other guys. It's surprising how much more enjoyable games become when you have someone to share the experience with.

I didn't enjoy the late registration because at the first break we were at the same number of people as what we'd started with, even though we'd eliminated many players.

Then came this hand:

If you read my previous blog entry, you know that I went out of the Big Bang with a 55. So here came the dreaded 55. I had position but really it was a worry of a hand. Then the guy before me bet 555. I figured it was a sign and called. Ridiculous logic, I know  The flop came with a 5, so I jammed some chips into that. I consider the bomb 55 is now a-ok and no longer fear it. 

About this time, some people on Twitter started discussing whether the colour of the felt affects your hands. So we all played with that for a while. I think blue worked for me. At some point I was running 6th!

a1379 started railing me, he even followed me from table to table, and offered encouragements at every hand I played. It was so nice. What a standup guy. Roland popped in on my table and wished me luck, and so did PsychoVas. It was so nice. One of the people at my table asked me if I was famous because so many people were stopping by, then accused me of being female because I guess that's the only reason people could be nice online? 

Then I moved to a new table between two huge stacks. I think one had 51K and another had 64K and I was at about 30K and running above the average. Flashbacks of the Big Bang again rushed to my mind. I was sure they were going to squeeze.

Then one of the other guys on the table got busted out by the guy on my right. This guy, Dima, stayed as an observer and absolutely spewed at the guy that took his chips. It was all in Russian, and somehow Russian insults sound so much more carnal, they're not just swear words, they're outright curses, something like a gypsy would throw at you in Transylvania. At first, everyone was ignoring him, because, you know, ragers will rage, poor guy, all that. But then Dima stayed on for about THREE HOURS! Every time, the guy that busted him won a hand, he'd curse him out. Every time that guy would lose a hand, he'd cheer on his opponent. It was madness. 

Then I said to him, "hey dude, go back to sleep, you must be tired yeah?", but I said it in Russian. And I guess he didn't expect that because he suddenly turned his behaviour around. He wanted to know if everyone in New Zealand spoke Russian and where I was from and he noticed that I had a good stack. He stopped yelling at his nemesis and was now cheering me on. Even saying "GOOO NZZZZ!" Seriously, turning that guy around from being a psycho aggro sore loser to someone that was cheering me on and being a positive observer made my day. 

Someone else at the table, a girl from Estonia, asked me if NZ was pretty. I don't really know because I'm at home all the time playing poker  but here is a picture I took a while ago on the way to work. 

Here's another memorable hand. I lucked into this one via the big blind and took down a massive pot.

And here's my biggest pot of the day, I think my heart stopped there. I probably would have normally folded, but my stack was pretty short. There were plenty of other hands where I folded AK, QK, and KJ. 

In the end, I got moved onto a table where lots of guys had bigger stacks and was too afraid to raise as I couldn't afford to fold. In the end, I went out with a JTo that didn't make anything. I finished 31st.

I was a little disappointed because someone told me to make to the final table and I didn't make it, but I was a LOT happy because OMG you guys I just multiplied my bankroll nine fold and beat almost a thousand people!!! And people on Twitter cheered me on. And observers cheered me on. It was like coming 31st in a running race -- yeah you weren't first, but wow when you're coming up to that finish line and everyone is cheering and waving and saying "way to go", it feels amazing.

It was 10 am by this point and I had all this energy and just didn't know what to do with it. I went outside and just lay on the lawn and looked up at the sky. It's a beautiful day outside. The rollercoaster continues and it was nice to lie down and to just hold on for a while.

Thank you to PokerSchoolOnline for fostering such a wonderful culture of players and friendly atmosphere. I'm honoured to have participated in my first WBCOOP with such great guys and girls. In the end I got five $5.50 and one $16.50 SCOOP tickets and $18.50 in the main event. Great start, I couldn't have got here without all I've learned in the last two months.

Hopefully we'll find out who wins best blogger and best twitterer soon and I hope it's someone I know  Good luck to all!