Don't you just hate it when you get pocket aces and you are on the button and there's only one limper and you raise and they call and flop a flush with their ?  I sure do. I don't know how to combat it. Looking at the hand analysis thread that I started with that hand combination and all the advice of the experienced analysers, it seems I can't combat that. I can only use that information for reads on that player later. Of course if they bust out with that kind of play in the next hand, I may never see them again; yet, a week later I'm still thinking about the hand and beating myself up about it. Memory certainly works better when you have something to grab on to.

Tomorrow is Friday and I do not feel it'll be a relaxing weekend after a week of work. I am currently registered in nine tournaments for Saturday, and I will probably play OSL and BronzeStar FPP on top of that, and I'm also considering a couple of Home Game real money games in addition to the play money ones. Am I mad? If I do ok'ish, I'll end up multi-tabling and if I do badly I'll get depressed. It seems like a lose-lose proposition. 

Yet I am really really looking forward to it, getting up at 3.30 am be damned. On Sunday I am repeating the whole thing again but with the Big Bang tournament thrown in for good measure.

If I don't make money in at least one of those, I can probably call it quits knowing in good faith that I've tried that 'volume' thing.

On Tuesday there will be the WBCOOP Main Event and I am looking forward to that too, even though it starts at 3 am. I will have to come home from work and force myself to going to bed pretty much straight away to get a good night's rest. Then again, I function on five hours of sleep most days, why am I trying for more for a poker game?

Haven't had much time to play OSL this week so am tracking at a scary five-digit rank! Will have to make up for it on the weekend, adding another two or three games to my mix. 

Cowboy Challenge is going ok - played five games, cashed in one (93 c). Hoping to make the cashes more frequent, but just haven't played any games this week at all.

Hopefully your games are going well too - I've been reading of some amazing achievements by other PSOers, especially Sandtrap making it onto the top three of the WBCOOP leaderboard, impressive.

Have been following royalraiser's and 85fastlane's and canuckmonkey's blogs, very good reading. Obviously I want to win the WBCOOP Best Blogger, but if I don't, these people should definitely get it. I saw on the forums there is no voting this year, that it'll be assessed just by PokerStars judges, so here's good luck to us all!

Oh, and I won 500 FPP just by answering an easy question on Twitter to @PokerStars, thanks PokerStars! That'll last me quite a while.

Have a good weekend, I'll try to check in again after my intense schedule has quietened down.