I was watching The Simpsons on TV as I was having lunch today. It was the episode where Homer gets a computer and makes a website by copy/pasting images from other sites. No one visits his site though and he is very sad that there have been no hits. Lisa tells him that you have to give people some content if you expect them to be interested.

What makes a great community and a popular website? The content of course is the first thing. 

But I also find the little things matter too, those things that you never notice until they annoy you, repeatedly. 

I thought I'd list those things here about PSO. Oh, I don't mean it to be one of those "you suck, this site is horrible' posts. I love PSO. In the short time that I've been here, my affair with the website has been very hot and steamy, to the exclusion of every other entertainment. Dare I say, I have not logged into WoW and my MySky is filling up. 

The biggest draw for me to PSO is its community engagement, specifically forums and blogs. Blogs, for me, should be interactive, with comments back and forth between posters, likes, and whatever other things of such social nature.

But it seems almost impossible to get this here. I have to click on my own blog and scan down the list to see if number of comments increased since last time. If it has, I then go and see what they are and reply or like the comment. This is probably quite hard for those that have been around for a while, with new people perhaps commenting on their old blogs and the authors not even realising.

Unfortunately, it's even harder for the person that made the comment as they have no easy way to check unless they keep that page open. If you subscribe to the blog, you can then go to Edit Profile and then open each blog you subscribe to in a new window and then click on every post to see if your comment is there and if it's been replied to. If you don't subscribe to the person, how you will find your comment again is anyone's guess. I imagine it'll be lost in the annals of time.

If you do subscribe to blogs, the email notifies you when a new blog post is made (hopefully, this is how you got here today!). I find it a bit disconcerting when it's Daniel Negreanu's face with every single email though. I always think that's the blogger's face, until I realise all the people I subscribe to look the same!

I also find it difficult that blogs are known by their blog name and not the author's name. For example, in the list of my blog subscriptions I have no idea who writes what. Except those where the author's name is also part of the blog's name.

Hmm, this post is turning into a bit of a moan, isn't it. If I were to improve things, I'd suggest:

* Show subscriptions in "My Subscriptions" list separately from Edit profile

* Show how many subscribers each blog has (like they do on YouTube)

* Have an option to notify when a new comment is made on a blog post (like they do on Blogspot)

* Have an option to notify when another comment is made after you comment on a blog post

* Allow full text editor on the blog editor (an option of javascript embedding for CK Editor)

* Have an option to like the blog without commenting and without being logged into Facebook

Oh by the way, I won a pot limit play money tournament today. It was a fantastic feeling even though play money is not worth anything. It was a knockout tournament and I knocked out 16 people. The person that came second knocked out two. WBCOOP didn't go well today unfortunately. Busted out of the shootout first round and 142nd in 8-game. These are my final games for the week, next time I can play will be events 22-27.