Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "Raven" and WBCOOP 2013

For anyone unfamiliar with the tempo of reading this, I recommend you first watch this video. I hope you might enjoy my poem more then


Christmas Eve, and I surrender to the month at home – a slender
sliver of a break that offers me release from stress and work.
No commitments - I’m delighted, and I browse the net all-nightly
looking at the entertainment and consume it all in force.
But three weeks are all I needed and by fourth I am just giddy,
searching for a new fresh interest or a hobby or a game.

Then one night arrives an email – ‘play with us and then we’re even’.
Sounds easy, this I ponder, and without too much fervour, I log in
to FullTilt Poker and inspect my bonus prize.
Over quite a few wine glasses, I rake back my cash advances
and, as soon as I am able, transfer it all to PokerStars.
Eight dollars prize just seems so little, but in the world of poker, real
money is a challenge and a prize that you fight for.

It does not take long to spend it, two sit’n’goes and then some cash games,
and before I even know it, I have zero in my bank.
Well not bank of course, “cashier” – though donked out I’m not that sheer
of a fool, but bankroll’s zero, and I’m losing interest in the game.
I check out the freerolls section and while I browse I am able
to see some ads for ye old faithful,

It’s been years since I studied poker theory or delighted in the maths
and all its challenge or was this absorbed at all. I inspect the site and on it
there are many posts and courses and the many win approaches.
I am saddened by promotions – I don’t count for bankroll builder
and the quiz prize is a bonus that I will not use this month.
A week passes, don’t despair, Time Vault challenge is now here,
and I enter with all passion of a charging-stampede bull.

Blogging daily, playing daily, reading theory, watching training, and the endless
stream of quizzes that I must attempt to pass.
Shut my eyes for just a moment, sleepy, yet I’m never bored, trying, trying,
ever trying to just get ahead in game.

Studies finally deliver, and I qualify to enter into latest of promotions,
with a small field, guaranteed. This Big Bang as they here call it starts at
seven in the morning on a Sunday in my country and I’m tired quite a bit.
But this is the best yet feeling, my successes are all reeling,
I try my best but I bust out, still, no wondering aloud
“What is this all here for?” – in my mind I still have won.

Poker is but an illusion, first you cash and then you lose it.
“Aces, aces” I hear you begging, but the poker gods say “No!”
Often you play with conviction, never mind the works of fiction,
Even seven two off suit can win the biggest game of all.