No, actually, it was a lovely sunny summer morning and I gave up on poker (gasp!) and ventured outside (double gasp!!). This update has nothing to do with cards (gaspity gasp gasp!!!)

There were two fairs on last weekend and I went to both of them. First up was the Petone Fair, it's a yearly event where far too many people all jam into one street along with stalls, carnival rides, and tasty food. 

Here's a picture of some shaved ice. Was perfect for the heat. 

And here's some terrifying ride that I was too scared to even look at, let alone ride.

Then on Sunday was Harcourt Park Medieval Fair, which is also an annual event. I imagine it's pretty standard in the States, but here it's quite a rarity.

It was also home of the International Jousting Competition and there were competitiors from Europe.

Action shot:

There were also various stalls with ye olde things and food and whatnot.

Ye Olde Smithy:

There was also a sword fighting competition and I managed to grab a couple of videos for you to look at. This is a 5v5 and 3v3. I love the commentator's deadpan. 

These guys are wearing about 40 kg of armour each and their weapons are weighted towards the end for extra swinging power. Apparently they're going to France for finals and it costs them a LOT of money to fly all that gear. The video is 1080 HD so you might be better off opening it in another window.

And to finish off the entertaining weekend, I had a venison sausage sizzle with plum sauce and a black sesame gelato.

Hope your weekend was full of sun and happiness. Or, deep runs in poker.