So, by now, most of you have heard that PSO is offering a new tournament called The Big Bang. It is an amazing tournament, with $5,000 in prizes and zero entry fee! The catch is you need to finish in top 400 three tournaments in a row in the Open Skill League in the previous month. It's not an easy feat and, at the time of writing, there are only 65 people that have registered for the upcoming Big Bang tournament. 

And I am one of them! Amazeballs, right?

I'm not that good of a player though and often struggle getting even into top 1000 in the OSL. I am very nervous about playing the Big Bang. I looked through all the entrants so far and I am only one of six people that are registered on (others are from, ru, es, etc).

I feel like there is an immence pressure for me to do well and it'd be rather embarassing for me to bust out early. Most of all, finishing in the top 15 would put my bankroll into humungous compared to what it is now. But because I've got so involved in the forums in the last month I would feel like I'm letting my 'team' down by busting our early or playing badly. I am so scared in fact that I have considered not playing at all!

There are people in the field who finished 1-100th in January. 

That's a lot of good players! They'll all feed on me like the  sharks they are.  

Anyone willing to give me some coaching before I start or stake me in some practice games?

Meanwhile, I continue playing one game of OSL every night, after work, though I've considered entering all of them and sitting out -- apparently that's a commonly used strategy. So far I've been earning points every game, but haven't finished in top 400 yet this month. Gotta keep trying, gotta keep swimming. Maybe one day I'll swim with the sharks and come out on top. (that's a lot of idioms in one paragraph!)