So, one twelfth of 2013 already gone, didn't that go really quick?

I joined the PSO on 12 January 2013, so it wasn't really a full month of full-on poker for me, but it has pretty much taken over all my spare time. 

There have been some ups and downs.

I feel I did quite well in PSO League, finishing #827 and getting the 50 c reward. I placed in the money quite a few times in the BronzeStar 10 FPP tournament (although, admittedly, it pays 414 places), which helped me build my non-existent bankroll. 

Unfortunately, I lost it all in Zoom, twice. So February is starting with a bankroll of $0.00 once again. I tried playing the BronzeStar 20 FPP games twice and didn't even get close to the money; strange really, don't know why it would be so different from the 10 FPP. 

I spent a LOT of time trying to fix my PC. It had a very strange issue where it would reboot whenever not in use. Not straight away, not going to sleep, no hibernation or anything silly like that. It was effectivelly a BSOD which then Windows was set to restart from. 

Based on the errors, I thought my primary hard drive was failling. So I learned how to repartition a live disk and it took four hours to make a partition on my large drive and to mirror the C drive to it. Then I blew away my C drive. But now that drive is fine. So next step, I thought there was a problem with Windows. A scan with sfc said it had issues but couldn't fix them because the Windows SidebySide was also corrupt. I learned how to mount Windows images with dism and copied the old files onto my store. Didn't help. So then I thought I'd reinstall the Windows on top of itself. It didn't want to play along and said my version was newer. The option here was to uninstall SP1, but then I found out you can just run the setup file in compatibility mode as Vista SP2 and that worked. Took six hours to install Windows, but sfc no longer complained. Small victories.

But PC still kept rebooting, ugh! So then I went looking in the Event Viewer. There were tons of events from volume shadow copy not getting the right access and various drivers not loading, etc, etc. 

Unusually, Google was no help with any of my problems. I eventually found that for some reason I had a Symantec Back Up listed as one of my VSS Providers, I don't even have that installed. Blew that away from the registry. I also deleted some corrupt profiles that appear to have been installed by PokerTracker or HoldemManager or something, deleted those.  The registry is full of things I haven't had installed on my PC in years, cleaned that up a bit. 

Have edited the registry to accept AHCI controls and set BIOS to AHCI to maybe give my hard drives a boost in performance. 

After fiddling with all that, Homegroup and network sharing was no longer working, so my PS3 couldn't see my computer. So had to restart all that, and there is no easy way to do it - have to delete all homegroup files and restart services for Homegroup provider and listener. 

At some point I was messing around with DCOM settings and accidentally locked myself out of using my PC, that was terrifying. Luckily a reset is easy within the registry!

I've certainly learned a lot this past couple of weeks. My PC hasn't rebooted on its own yet, but who knows if it will as the problem was so random. On the upside, the Event Viewer now only complains of three things and only on boot. And apparently those can be ignored. Will see how it goes.

In other news, the low carb diet is going ok but not really any noticeable results. Lost maybe a kilo in the last two weeks. I think it's mainly due to the fact I am already in the healthy weight range. I imagine if I was overweight, it'd have a more pronounced effect. I'll give it another month (or until I get to the weight I want to be) before switching back to Weight Watchers.

Poker Goals for February: place in top 500 of PSO Open Skill League.