I had a short week at work (Wed-Fri), but nevertheless, after a month of holidays, it was very tiring. Especially the 6:30 am wake up times!

On Friday night I played PSO Open Skill league and didn't last very long. It was pretty disappointing to see these turn outs:

Today I played three PSO Open Skill leagues and one Bronze 10 FPP. Did terribly in the Bronze one, and average in two of the three PSOs. The last one was amazing though, finished 159th I think, which should get me another 70 or so points on the league. Unfortunately I need about 200 to get the $1 and until then I'm stuck with 50 c. Heh, if I had some cash to earn VPPs it'd be worth so much more, but then again i'd have to spend money to earn far less money. Unless I won I suppose. I'm very tempted, but also scared of how depressed I'd get if I lost all my money.

The craziest thing was I was also raiding in WoW and managed to win big stacks AND come top healing. The whole thing was a blur, but I have some beautiful hands to show you.

Big Pots:

Suited Connectors:

I'm usually not fond of playing these as I get too scared, but the training material says it's good to call with these as they play well on multiway pots. So this time it worked out:


Top pairs usually don't earn well for me. I think I play them wrong?

Suggestions, as always, are welcome. Also, let me know if you'd prefer to read about something else -- I am here to entertain you for a whole year afterall!